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Best multi player games to play on your android device

If Android is ruling today in technology ring, then it must say a big thanks to its characteristic of offering finest gaming experience. The platform has been always enchanting for gaming freaks, however, in past few years it has taken the level to a new extent. Starting from game play to graphics it has been satisfactory in all manners. If ... Read More »

Problems People Encounter When Playing Games On Mobile Devices

We can safely say that iOS and Android are now what the DS was in the past for the gaming industry. There are new games released every week and that are designed for mobile devices. It is not at all difficult to find a wonderful game that you will enjoy playing on the handheld. While we cannot actually deny the ... Read More »

Top 5 picks of Android games from 2014

The world of game and the gamers are definitely going through the golden era. Credit goes to the Smartphones emerging as one of the biggest encouragements on this regard. Blend of technological advancements have offered gamers with incredible flexibility. Games are available these days of various concepts and tastes. No matter you want to cruise through the racing vehicle, fight ... Read More »

Best Android Games For People Who Love Racing

Racing is a sport beloved by a lot of people. Who knows whether it’s the speed, the cars, or the combination of the two, but most people don’t get the opportunity to drive the race cars like the professionals do. Just because most people don’t actually get in the vehicles, it doesn’t mean they can’t almost get the full blown ... Read More »

5 Best Android Games 2015

To bring a halt to your boredom and take you on an interesting trip on which games to download and play in the year 2015. Here we bring to you the list of top 5 android games, from the world of Play Store to help you discover what is worth playing and what is not. These games have been rated ... Read More »

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