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3 Tips For Greener Living

by kaburulu

In this world of increasing concern over climate change, many people understandably feel helpless in facing the problem. You probably would like to help, but it seems like an overwhelming task. However, as much as you would like to make major global advances, you can lead by example by making simple changes in your life.

1. Pay Attention To Your Diet

It’s important to be mindful of what you are consuming. The amount of land, deforestation and water required to feed livestock, in addition to agricultural pollution makes producing meat a contributor to more greenhouse gases. This doesn’t have to mean a vegetarian lifestyle; just a conscious effort to incorporate more vegetables and less beef consumption.

2. Recycle Everything

Most people have come around to recycling items like bottles, cans and plastic bags. However, you can get creative in reusing items or finding homes for things you no longer need. For example, there are dozens of online sites to resell or repurpose clothing. You could also consider buying gently used clothes, as opposed to newer versions. Many are surprised to find out the items able to be recycled, such as metal hangers, laptop recycling Toronto, batteries and even car seats.

3. Conserve Water

Water is a disappearing resource. With the ease at which it appears in our home, it can be easy to forget that many don’t have access to clean water. Shorten showers and ensure you have efficient dishwasher and washing machines that use minimal amounts of water. If there are any dripping faucets in your home, fix them immediately.

A green lifestyle doesn’t have to mean major changes. Simply being conscious of your daily choices in diet and water consumption can help lower your carbon footprint. It’s important to recycle and repurpose as much trash as possible, and the internet is a great resource for finding homes for unwanted items. Making these changes will give you ownership over your own contribution to these earth saving efforts.

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