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3 Windows Services to Boost Your Business

by kaburulu

In business, help is always appreciated. You might often turn to investors and fundraisers for this kind of help when you’re thinking directly in financial terms, but that’s not the only way that your business can be aided, and you might be surprised to discover tools offered by Windows that can be of aid. If the devices that you use in a daily business setting rely on Windows devices or operators, this might be welcome news indeed and might be even closer at hand than you thought.

Of course, different businesses have different needs, so finding the right tools for you might mean making yourself aware of the whole swathe first and foremost. 

Office and Cloud

The first thing that might come to your mind when you’re considering which service to employ first is likely the office package – something that many people are familiar with on a personal level regardless of whether or not they’re in business. However, when applying this varied bundle to your business, you might be able to extend its use even further by also considering the cloud storage offered by Windows, allowing you to edit and access documents wherever you go, with your team around the world. This is something that might be especially interesting to you in the early days of your business, as it can allow you to hire your employees remotely and work together with them easily and without hurdles.

Learning to Develop

Some of the services and resources that Microsoft offer you here might also come in the form of more informative content that can help you to get a grasp on how you can develop your own apps that can be integrated into the Windows storefront. There are multiple advantages to having your own app, but you have to make sure that you do it right to leave a positive impact on your customers that reflects well on your brand.

Relevant learning materials, as offered here, can help you to do that, but as can be an awareness of tools such as rest api that can help to have your app standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the best in the landscape through a thorough an understanding of what makes a positive user experience, and how the latest technology can allow that to be the case here.

Microsoft Security

It’s easy to get so carried away thinking of all the progress that you want to make in business that it can be natural to forget about protecting the progress that you’ve already made. Security systems can help you to do that, especially if you’re a business that relies on a lot of online infrastructure, such as the cloud, to share and access your documents. Microsoft security, then, might be what you’re looking for, and understanding how to keep yourself safe in an increasingly online world can help you to navigate these digital waters with confidence.

As your team grows, the skills and awareness needed to stay safe will need to be shared around, but the proper security can help to safeguard you even further. 

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