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400CX-2 Samsung Review

by kaburulu

samsumgThe idiot box is not that idiot anymore, instead it has now grown into a smart package. With just a touch of the button, you will now be able to experience real life like experience. Samsung has thought of moving its audience speechless with the whole new TV experience in the form of 400CX-2. The audience is not restricted to just the home folks; even the business require LCD TV for displaying their products to the customers. The Samsung 400CX-2 LCD TV with in-built TV tuners has the capacity to display the content of your business for 16 long hours. The resolution of the TV is 1080p, which will help you enjoy a colorful and sharp picture quality.


The 40” screen size is enough to attract the eyeballs. This television falls under the commercial grade and has all the specifications infused in it that is suitable for commercial environments. Here are some of the salient features of the TV –

  • Advanced cooling
  • Longer operation period
  • In-built speakers
  • High gloss finish
  • Full HD 1080p with HDMI
  • 5X5 Video walls

When the usage is for commercial purpose, it is very important that proper cooling technology is being installed, else things won’t work out. Samsung has kept that in mind and have come up with the technology, which helps in longer operation all throughout the week.


The maximum power consumption by the 400CX-2 is about 230W and if the stand – by mode is On, then it will consume around 2W. So, if you go by the recommended run time, then also it won’t turn out to be a huge blow on your electricity cost. You can easily keep the TV turned on for 16 hours per day without any break. There are several other specifications that are attracting the customers towards the TV and they are –

  • In- built tuner
  • In-built fan
  • Temperature sensor
  • Brightness sensor

Have a look at 400CX-2 Samsung manual for more details and features of this TV. You will find the wall mount as well as the stand being made available with the pack. Depending on the space constraint or your preference, you can either mount it against the wall or you can keep it on the table for smooth viewing. Other than this, 3 year warranty is also there, so if you have some sort of problem, then you can fix it right away. The appearance of the TV is great with high gloss piano black finish and it will also help in uplifting the environment of your business just by its sheer presence.

The Live TV display is another factor that helps a business a lot and the PiP allows the simultaneous display of digital signage as well as the Live TV.


Customers looking for a TV high on reliability and durability need not look further. Just grab hold of Samsung 400CX-2 and see it contribute in the growth of your business.

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