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5 Best Android Games 2018

by kaburulu

To bring a halt to your boredom and take you on an interesting trip on which games to download and play in the year 2015. Here we bring to you the list of top 5 android games, from the world of Play Store to help you discover what is worth playing and what is not. These games have been rated as top 5 android games in 2015 and are available for you to take a glance.
top 5 android games 2015

  1. Zombie Highway 2

Killing Zombies have always been fun and digging out for more inventive methods for killing them has been a catch. As compared to the Zombie Highway, the game offers more cinematic features, a distinct level of polished work with graphics and sound rating of 4 out of 5 by users. Zombie Highway 2 is an addictive game where you are given the task of driving a car. The main task of the game is to keep the car off the zombies that attack from the sides by swerving the car to the left and the right. There are add-ons in the game like ‘Zombie Tax Return’ which is marked by a rather interesting feature of exploding the zombie heads, and nitro and weapons, and much more which you can enjoy only after playing.


  1. Does Not Commute

So you like driving games? And do you like puzzles? Well, this game is the perfect combination of both the areas of games which gives one a perfect example of a fun addictive game.

Here there is a concept of a looped back time, which can be broken down as. Every time you drive the person behind the wheel gives a weird snippet of a bizarre story, after which the player needs to follow a simple rule of tapping on the left and right side of the screen which steers the car in the given direction and picking up the time along the way in order to keep playing the game. And after every designated exit for the car, one rewinds and again follows the same journey for a different car, with a different story, with a different technique to handle.


  1. DuckTales Remastered

Do you not remember Mr. Scrooge McDuck from the famous cartoon “DuckTales?” It did hit that spot of nostalgia, right? Yes, we all did flip out a little, when the first version of Ducktales was released in the year 2013. But with the new version in 2015, the “DuckTales Remastered” the theme is warm and fuzzy with the theme song of DuckTales. The story theme runs as Mr. Scrooge and his nephews are on a world tour, trying to hunt down the treasures stored in different parts of the world. In the cut scene, the story is revealed in the voice of original cartoon characters.


  1. Plunder Pirates
    This game is a colorful and fast paced that has a real-time strategy that can be called a base building game. The basic structure of the game is in a way that has an island with few basic structures already in view. The player strives to become as the best pirate over there which can be done by one of the numerous methods. The best feature of the game is brought out with the reality of randomness that there is a real world pirate. One can find the hidden treasure just by sheer luck at times, while the other times one needs to fight the giant octopus. The  makers of Angry birds have put their best in this game too, making it full of fun and glitz.
  2. Motion Tennis Cast
    With a success over the tennis racquet playing over the TV using iOS, this game has been successfully launched over the android platform and is available over the Google Play Store. There are two options, that is, Chromeset and screen mirroring options using which it can be played on an HDTV. It can be downloaded for free where the Android has OS Jelly Bean or above.

These 5 Best Android Games 2015  as are worth installing and playing. They have graphics and sounds rating of 4 and above out of 5, gameplay rating over 3.5 and above out of 5, playtime rating of 4 and above out of 5 and overall rating 4 out of 5.

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