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5 Epic Android Games You Can Play for Free in 2020

by kaburulu

Have some time to kill? If yes, then there is nothing better than FREE gaming! Who would have known a few years ago that mobile gaming will become such a huge thing! But why wouldn’t it? 

There are over 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world, out of which 85% are powered by Android. These devices are powered by oodles of processing speed and tons of seamless bandwidth like the one offered by Spectrum internet plan, which is a perfect mobile gamer starter pack! 

It doesn’t matter if you are an avid gamer or a complete newbie – we all dread two things: forced in-app purchases and a bad (high) ping particularly during this tiresome stay-at-home period when we’re all stuck inside and running out of the isolation challenges. So, free gaming can be a super fun idea to keep the boredom at bay. Thankfully Play Store offers a plethora of them! 

So we geared up to make things a tad bit easier for you. We’ve picked five leaders from some of the most popular categories including shooters, endless runners, puzzles, platformers, strategy games, and lots more so there’s something for everyone. 

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is already a fan favorite worldwide and its getting even cooler with every update! It’s uber-popular Battle Royale PvP mode in which players partake in 100-players classic combat on a huge remote island loaded with weaponry, ammunition, tactical gear, and armored vehicles. 

Thanks to the game-changing experiments by Tencent Games, PUBG Mobile continues to expand with every single addition of those wacky modes and other exciting new features. There are plenty of maps and arcade-style modes to choose from for short play sessions that are good enough for an exciting quick match with your pals. 

Also, there are different tier rankings (and their rewards) with a free and premium game pass as you progress through. You can also check out the newly launched Arctic mode (free update), which has some exciting new additions including surveillance drones, electric heaters, chemical warming packs, and much more! 

Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

Gone are the days when puzzle games were nothing more than a relaxing experience. Mobile gaming has been a real game-changer for this genre. Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle takes the puzzles up a notch by bucking the trend in Android horror fantasy games. 

For a change, you won’t be plodding around a dark, wobbly building or end up being killed in gruesome fashion. Instead, you stalk and eliminate your target in a slide puzzle interface. The classic Sokoban style puzzle with chibi anime is surely more eye-catching than the usual blocky ones. 

As you move ahead with the game, you’ll visit mind-bending multiple stages, sliding Jason Voorhees with your touchscreen control into slashing a bunch of unsuspecting campers.

Strategic locations become increasingly complex and the pathways get dodgy, making it even trickier – But most of all, full marks to the spooky atmosphere that can make you shiver in a couple of seconds. 

Bendy in Nightmare Run

If you happen to be a TCM noir movie marathon junkie, this endless runner is everything you need. Depicted in a1930s cartoon theme, Bendy in Nightmare Run (also called Bendy run) is praised worldwide for its vintage cartoony aesthetics and storyline. 

Built on four different cartoon worlds, the game features titular character Bendy and his friends Boris the Wolf and Alice Angel who try to sneak away from pushy bosses. While battling the monsters, Bendy can pick collectible items such as weapons and soup cans to power up and improve abilities. 

The weapons have different damage levels that help the characters to fend off enemies when they attack. The biggest USP of runners like this one is a well-made swipe control, which is easy to master and control the character movements. 

Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion is an action-packed, vengeful and stingy game series starring Ezio, Aguilar, Shao Jun, and other Assassins in a single Brotherhood for the first time! 

The Assassins simultaneously spark rebellion with the tyrannical Templars in a secret war in the renaissance Spain setting. Exclusively developed for your smartphone device, this free-to-play strategy RPG game is built on the story from the Assassins Creed film and the Ezio trilogy where players team up with 40 old and new characters. 

The game also allows players to train and promote the assassins to higher ranks, develop a fortress as the brotherhood grows and take charge of the HQ. Assassins Creed Rebellion will engage you in sneaky missions to weaken Templar’s oppression in the Spanish Kingdom and allow you to recruit the perfect cadre of assassins to achieve the objectives and break Templar’s stronghold. 

Build a team as per your Assassin’s unique skills to deal with deadly combat stealth, traps, and battle contests of each quest – ProTip: choose wisely! 

Every once in a while you’ll also come across challenges/events that must be completed within a set timeframe to get your hands on some thrilling rewards! Lastly, if the old-school gacha mechanics are not enough to fill your appetite for combat, fun visuals, cute anime, and great music will surely keep you glued to the game. 


Carmageddon is an oldie but a goody when it comes to free-form car racing games. This game has a drive-wherever-you-please policy with a dash of bizarre yet funny violence. Simply put, the game has a racer-trapped-in-a hunting-field and looking for prey kind of theme. 

Carmageddon features 11 arenas with the real-world environment and wide networks of roads where people and cows casually stroll around and crazy drivers race and wreck each other. Kill the pedestrians, smashup all your opponents and complete the laps to proceed to the next level. 

But watch out for the cops lurking around in their heavy-duty vehicles! This PC classic was banned around the world during the 90s for its violent sequences. Fast forward to now after its re-launch, the wacky racing, low-fi violence, and flippant humor are back with a bang with all its madcap features and visceral fun.

All in All

Although these gaming apps are free-to-download, however, at some point we all willingly or unwilling itch to make those in-app purchases. 

For the record, users spent a hefty $61.7 billion worldwide in mobile games last year and the figure is expected to increase more in 2020. Long story short, more players, higher latency. 

So if you are an enthusiastic gamer who spends a lot on in-app purchase items, why not save some bucks on your internet plan and grab the Spectrum discount so you can always experience jitter-free gaming and also, ride easily under the recommended ping rate. 

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