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How Android Fuels Online Gambling’s Huge Revenue Spike

by kaburulu

Android is a powerful operating system, preferred by smartphone purists the world over, which hasn’t gone overlooked by the online gambling industry. Casino and casino games developers specifically create content for Android, and this is paying huge dividends.

Mobile connectivity is pushing online gambling revenue to the $500 billion mark this year, and Android plays a large part in that revenue. Not only are there Android specific casinos, but even games, like Android roulette are available to players anytime and anywhere.

Another driver for mobile gambling are the security factors, which are only becoming more efficient. Online casinos offer the same protections as other online merchants, and Android’s built-in security features only increase player trust. So much so, that Android use in Cards and Casino games has risen steadily over the last five years.

Even more, online casinos have expanded to include app products and let players access these products for free. Instead of paying upwards of $10 for a custom game app, casinos are giving their apps away, knowing the long-term investment will pay off. These casino apps let you access any kind of game or wager. It is now easier than ever to find the top cazinouri online to ensure you’re using the best site available to you.

Live online gambling has proven another factor in the potential revenue mark, with Android users having access to live dealers and tables. Mobile connectivity has come a long way in the last five years, allowing players to have the most realistic casino experience possible.

Players simply pull out their Android, access the live casino, and instantly a real person is spinning the roulette wheel as they make their bets. The attraction to live casino games is strong, and also contributing to the revenue mark online gambling is set to hit this year.

So much potential is being realized from mobile connectivity right now. As it stands, mobile (including tablets) is beating out desktop gambling, and there’s no reversion on the horizon.

Android has been a major player on the mobile scene from the beginning, and one reason why online gambling has seen such a huge boost recently. Without their users, or their software, or their security features, online gambling could still be stuck in the desktop age.

As with all advances tech, there’s something looming on the horizon that could take mobile gambling to even greater revenue heights: AR/VR. If augmented and virtual reality prove to be the next major breakthrough, you can be sure online casinos will be capitalizing on it as well.

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