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5 Best Android Games to Look For In 2015

Android gamers are usually blessed with brand new games or sequels every year. It’s already been two months since 2015 has begun which makes the hardcore gamers count their days to get the desired game. Even though there are plenty of third party solutions to download a gaming app, Google Play Store is always the most recommended app store for ... Read More »

6 best racing games to play on your android tablet

Android is one of the most preferred platforms for racing games in contemporary scenario.  Especially if your device is a tablet, then the interest grows up to many folds.  It’s quite natural to enjoy the game better on a bigger screen option. Graphics, key movement, and other factors seem to be more interesting on a bigger screen. In fact there ... Read More »

Top 10 Android Games of All Times

Android is one of the fastest-growing gaming platforms out there, and with so many phones and tablets using it, this shouldn’t be a surprise at all. Due to its popularity, it is only logical that the collection of applications and games available is quite consistent, so trying each and every game would take you years, literally. That’s exactly the reason ... Read More »

Best Free Android Games of all Time

Despite what a lot of people say, gaming on mobile phones has been addictive right from day one. Remember the good ol’ Snake game on those ancient Nokia phones? That was the beginning, but I don’t think people actually thought just how much mobile gaming was going to evolve, mainly because they didn’t know just how technologically-advanced smartphones would become. ... Read More »

Pac-Man Dash!: Pills, biscuits, fruit and lots of ghosts, thank you! [Review]


In the year 1980,  Tohru Iwatani , the programmer Namco , was in a restaurant and  Immersed in his thoughts, order a pizza and eats a piece. And it is precisely there, in that moment, that the inspiration overwhelms him and turns on the ideas in a video game called Pac-Man. That this story is true or not we do not know, but it adds a ... Read More »

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