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Bounty Arms Kerosene Game Android Review – Video Review

Bounty Arms Kerosene Games

  Bounty Arms Kerosene Game Android arrived in Google Play Store .We got a bit ‘fond Bounty Arms : it is more than a year to talk about it  and think that in May we had the illusion that the game would be released at a distance of one week after the application  of one of the articles that we have spent. We are talking ... Read More »

Doom 3 Game arrives on Android : Download and Review

Yes you read right: your Android ( latest generation, mind you ) might be able to play perfectly Doom 3 , the third installment dell’FPS of id Software genre that made ​​him famous all over the world. Yes, but how? Specifichiamolo immediately: DIII4A is essentially a port of the graphics engine Dante Engine , based on the original Doom 3 ... Read More »

Gold Miner Fred Android Game Download and Review


This title certainly there will be again, many of you will already experienced miners. Gold Miner , in fact, had already been very successful on the PC and for that reason came multiple versions for Android.The developer Kirson has recently launched another game like that, Fred Gold Miner. The champion of the game will use the classic moving clamps  to attach gold, iron and ... Read More »

Broken Sword: The Serpents Curse Trailer Released

The Games com 2013 has brought with it a wave of ads for mobile gaming, considering the promising Godfire: Rise of  Prometheus  and the innovative Lone Wolf: Bloo on the Snow . Added to this list is Broken Sword: The Serpents Curse , the new chapter of the famous saga point and click Revolution Software . The UK, for the occasion, has released the first trailer showing some glimpses ... Read More »

A Thug In Time Android Review : A New shooter Game in the Play Store

A Thug In Time: a new shooter thick in the Play Store

Step back in time to save the world and kill all your enemies. The new title of  Destructamobile  ,  A Thug In Time , has finally landed in the Play Store bringing a breath of bullets and high quality 3D graphics. In some ways similar to other titles in the genre and a gameplay  that combines elements from the Guerrilla Bob with a setting to Zombiewood, ... Read More »

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