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Galaxy on Fire 2 HD Android Review and Features

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is available free on Play Store

It dates back to june 2011 availability of Galaxy on Fire 2 for devices with Tegra 2 SoC . After more than two years Galaxy on Fire 2, which instead of the suffix THD earn the suffix HD finally ends its exclusivity for devices with processors home NVIDIA and is made ​​available by the guys at Fishlabs on Play Store modefree-to-play . The game is described as ” an adventure in outer space unprecedented “and in effect, ... Read More »

Rush Song a Running Game with Music : Android

Rush Song: a running game with music

 Song Rush is a new game available in the Play Store that will allow you to combine the classic style of side-scrolling running game to your songs. The sound track of the game you choose it directly from your music library. A simple title and graphically realized in 2D where you run and jump to collect the various points will be the ... Read More »

Gentlemen Game arrives on Android : Game Review

Gentlemen! arrives on Android

Now a days Piracy is  a very big problem. There is still a mistake that the air that is based on the complex of the gaming world, a universe of abstract, that makes no  difference. They are video games, not have clothes or food.  Sure, but before video games, are work . Works in which artists, writers, programmers, and many other people with debility and cold-blooded use ... Read More »

Mini Mix Mayhem Android : Play Four Games Simultaneously

Mini Mix Mayhem: play four games simultaneously

Bored of playing one game? Have you tried playing FOUR GAMES AT THE SAME TIME? There are simple games, tough, funny, entertaining and then there are those crazed. How Mini Mix Mayhem , for example. Developed by  Chris Burt-Brown , the game begins with this sentence: “Why play a game when you can giocarne only four at a time?”. The most appropriate answer and a little ‘sarcastic to ... Read More »

TITAN Escape the Tower A classic Game on Android Review

TITAN Escape the Tower

TITAN Escape the Tower  is a new game landed about a couple of weeks in the Play Store and able to reproduce a classic developed in 1988 by Titus Interactive.In this game we will be constrained in a tower of 80 levels by a  scientist and we will use all our powers of reasoning to be able to escape. With the help of ... Read More »

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