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There’s An App For That: Addiction Recovery Support

Recovering from addiction can be a lonely process, and especially for those who have graduated from inpatient treatment, it can be challenging to remain on track, building on the good habits developed in treatment while resisting temptation. One tool that those in recovery today have, however, that wasn’t available in the past, is a smartphone. Phone apps allow those in ... Read More »

Tips For Dating In The Internet Age of Apps

Once upon a time you had to get on the phone to be part of the dating world, and not a smartphone with photos and internet. You would leave a voice add on a dating line, and the listen to other people’s messages to find someone that sounded like they were right for you. It was basically like blind dating, ... Read More »

Tips and Tricks to Getting More Work Accomplished From Your Mobile Phone

Modern life requires that things get done on the go. You wake up, you eat breakfast on the go, you do your makeup in the car on the go, you tie your tie on the go, you answer your emails on the go, you tide to go on the go when you spill your to go coffee on your cream ... Read More »

How to Avoid Failure when Developing a New Android App

Developing a new app can be fun for any mobile app developer. Many developers get bored quickly so they jump into new projects rather quickly. Sometimes they jump into new projects too quickly, causing the project to fail before it has a chance to even get started. Here are some tips to help you avoid failure when developing a new ... Read More »

How Backups and The Cloud Work With Your Android Device

Mobile device users are spoiled these days. Everything is so convenient and automatic. And the two primary shareholders of the mobile space, the Android and iOS devices, are the ones that hold the most clout in terms of making that ease of use not just a possibility, but something that has come to be expected. But how does it all ... Read More »

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