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How Backups and The Cloud Work With Your Android Device

Mobile device users are spoiled these days. Everything is so convenient and automatic. And the two primary shareholders of the mobile space, the Android and iOS devices, are the ones that hold the most clout in terms of making that ease of use not just a possibility, but something that has come to be expected. But how does it all ... Read More »

Great software for monitoring Android applications on a phone!

There are thousands of Android applications which are downloaded by the users of Android smart phones. These apps are of different types and satisfy various utilities of daily life, social networking, entertainment, academics, personal interests and many more. When your kids are using smart phones, it is obvious that they would download different types of Android applications. It is thus ... Read More »

Top Facebook Parental Control Apps for Android 2016

Facebook is the undisputed king of social networking platforms with millions of daily active users, a large proportion of which is made up of youngsters. This platform, which claims to break the communication barriers by connecting people worldwide, has unfortunately become the new home for cyberbullies, stalkers, and online predators. It is either due to the carelessness, or the lack ... Read More »

Full Review of Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Duos

Introduction The  Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Duos was launched last year in the month of July and featured with 4.5 inches TFT touchscreen powered by 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and a 5MP rear camera. The phone is one of the cheapest smartphones that Samsung has ever made with a Quad core processor. The launch of this device was mainly focused on attracting ... Read More »

How to Afford the Newest Android Technology

You love technology, and you want to get a hold of the newest tools, gadgets, and equipment. Most of all, though, you are an Android aficionado. You may be a professional Android developer, or an at-home fan but at the end of the day it’s Android over everything. The thrill of using the newest Android innovations gets you really excited, ... Read More »

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