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Find Your Dream Home with Housing.com’s Android App

There is nothing enjoyable as using a convenient App. Housing.com has not let us down with its home search App. It makes the users experience a hassle free smooth joy when locating a house. It is a Real estate search that has most of the estates register thus locating them being quite smooth. The App is not complicated and its ... Read More »

Colorino – A Unique and Intuitive Android Game

Colorino from Red Prawn Games is an easy to play android board game. This is a matching game where the user needs to match the tiles by either color or shape and thus clearing the board of  the marked tiles in the specified time. You can download the game from the Google Play Store. It is only 10 MB file ... Read More »

Cool tricks for your android Mobile Devices

With the announcement of a new OS, simply named “L”,  android has never been more popular. There are apps for every kind task imaginable, and the system has never been easier to use. In light of that, here are some of the coolest things you can do on an android OS. Read free comics Decidedly retro, reading comics on your ... Read More »

Five Greatest Breakthroughs in Mobile Technology

 The mobile phone has been around for much longer than you would think – the first one turned up around 40 years ago, as of last March. They didn’t become a part of everyday life until around 2000, when they were developed for mass-market consumption. They’ve gone from being cumbersome, gargantuan devices that could only make phone calls, to being ... Read More »

A Cheap Smartphone Doesn’t Have to Be a Dull Smartphone

As the number of cell phone users increases, the number of smartphones in existence is increasing drastically as well. Most people who purchase a new mobile phone choose smartphones over the less user-friendly basic phones. The reason is simple. Today’s world is full of social media, email, games, pictures and online banking, shopping and investing. With a smartphone, individuals can ... Read More »

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