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AskMeBazaar Presents DealGuru: Dealing Hub

by kaburulu

Every Indian online buyer knows why they call AskMeBazaar an online Indian shop. Lots of deals, discounts and they serve what we love to have. This online selling and buying has progressed long way since few couple of years and that is why every online shopping site is endeavoring fresh notions to draw the customers. Just doing the same, AskMeBazaar has launched a new branch for its site named as DealGuru. As the name describes, it is all about striking deals at its best. DealGuru has made a sway so good that its popularity is climbing the ladder quite rapidly. What it does to make customers is a simple and nice procedure. DealGuru fully relyon its parent site, AskMeBazaar. AskMeBazaar holds all the controlling panels of DealGuru. How? Let’s find out. image002

AskMeBazaar: Secret behind DealGuru

DealGuru is a one stop shop for all those materials which exceeds while manufacturing by the manufacturers. All that material which is not accepted at retail stores is brought online by the DealGuru. And for this procedure AskMeBazaar do everything. First of all, AskMeBazaar contact to every seller it has in its network for such type of stuff; if found, AskMeBazaar team requests to have samples of respective products. The analysis of that product sample is also executed by AskMeBazaar team and this analysis results in a price tag for that excessive material. If the company agrees for that price, it is hanged on the website’s wall with live deal on it. AskMeBazaar team also clicks snapshots of the product and generates description of the product on DealGuru.

Cheaper Than Expected Deals

Once the deal goes online, buyers around the nation come across to see deals which amaze everyone in the first look. I have seen a product of 5000 MRP selling on 500 in the DealGuru. You heard me, yeah, it was Rs, 500. These products are quickly getting sold from the website and AskMeBazaar ensures doorstep delivery of the product. If somehow you get a defective piece then AskMeBazaar also take requests for return of the product. Isn’t it is great? image004 When everything goes correct in an order, AskMeBazaar call the buyer for confirmation. And then the money share of the seller is directed to them after making all the commission deductions from it. This is how over 900 sellers are getting paid for the material they would’ve thought will never be sold. The DealGuru website is currently featuring over 1000 products live on their website and all just because of the parent site AskMeBazaar.com and the deals which are making buyers through their money on them.

What’s on the Website?

When you will open the website, it has been kept very simple and very much like any other shopping site. What’s different is that you will see a “Deal” button under every product rather than the “Buy” button. The website gives us an idea how broad the network has gone for DealGuru because there are literally enormous products ready to be sold from every section: whether it is electronics or fashion accessories or home appliances or anything. Ad Commercial With Kangna Popular bollywood Actress Kangna endorsing deal bazaar and many ads are coming in TV shows. You can watch one of the ads in you tube.

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