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Best Android Apps For Addicts In Recovery

by kaburulu
Best Android Apps For Addicts In Recovery

People commonly use their mobile devices for fun and entertainment, but there are many other constructive uses of the technology we use every day.  Due to the overwhelming amount of options people have for games, movies, and music, it is easy to forget that there is a much broader spectrum of possibilities when it comes to mobile function.

Our mobile devices were meant for much more than mind-numbing tapping games.  For a recovering addict, a cell phone or other mobile device can be a light to a cleaner way of life.  Check out a quick review of some of the most practical mobile application available to assist those who are working hard to live a clean and sober life.

Best Android Apps For Addicts In Recovery

Field Guide To Life

The famed Hazelden Addiction Center developed a mobile sobriety app called the Field Guide To Life.  The application provides addicts in recovery with enriching literature, daily challenges, a meeting finder, and even a panic button that will send out a call for support in times of need.

The Field Guide To Life is one of the most comprehensive recovery apps available.  It was built to support addicts through their first year in recovery.  Organized into three unique sections, this application works at the user’s pace to build a solid foundation in a new sober world.

12 Steps AA Companion

This particular application is a stellar mobile buddy for those who find the 12-step model of recovery to be helpful.  The 12 Steps AA Companion comes equipped with a sobriety calculator that counts the seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years a person has been clean.

It also includes notes for specific sections of the Big Book and a meeting finder option.  Overall, the 12 Steps AA Companion app is a great compliment to the program.

Sober Grid

Social media meets recovery application; Sober Grid is a new app that is quickly gaining momentum in the world of addiction recovery.  Sober Grid is comparable to the social networks we all know and love, except it is centered around the networking of recovering addicts.

The recovery application utilizes the GPS capabilities of whatever mobile device the person is using to locate nearby recovering addicts.  It is a great platform for chatting or meeting up with like-minded people.

OneHealth Meeting Finder

OneHealth Meeting Finder is one of the most comprehensive meeting finder applications available for Android devices.  This app can find meetings for dozens of programs all over the United States.

It can also share meeting locations via text or email notifications.  OneHealth Meeting Finder boasts a bonus function, as it has a sobriety calculator and daily meditations in addition to its main function.

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