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Call of Duty: Strike Team Game for Android Review

by kaburulu
call duty.

call duty.

The famous video game series ” Call of Duty “, developed by Activision. The house developer allows us to immerse ourselves in the  “call of duty ” also means Android, Call of Duty – Strike Team debuts on Play Store, but its price and weight could stop many players. Before you downloading, you  want more information!!



As you surely know, we are in a perfect shooter game that lets us know via the green robot one of the most famous games of the genre.

Right now we highlight its winning feature, the ability to quickly switch from view in first person aa one in the third person , but more later this peculiar and interesting feature. As soon as we immerse ourselves in the game, now we will have the opportunity to understand that Call of Duty will make available two ways :

  • Country  ( yellow indicator ): numerous quests, in various parts of the world, in which you will face many enemies and also use of specific strategies to survive.
  • Survival ( red markers ): In this mode, however, you will have to fend off waves of enemies that become increasingly difficult to deal with.

Proceeding in the first mission, soon you will see a tutorial that will explain what to do in Italian. Do not worry, you will learn how to move, manage the view, attack the enemies silently from the shoulders and of course you will be trained to use weapons. You descend into the field with a team of two soldiers and you’ll have the ability to manage them both , just plug on their names to determine which command.

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Using convenient buttons  touchscreen you can call the team , you will always be accompanied by your trusty ally. The latter not only result in a valid shoulder, but also a man to protect and possibly cure . In case of death, in fact, one of the two soldiers will be able to revive the other with a Health Kit.

During the game you’ll also have the ability to hide inside lockers and boxes and so as not to alarm the enemies you’ll also have the ability to hide the corpses : just load them on the shoulders and conceal them. The game also will not allow you to never lose sight of the goalto be accomplished. A yellow dot will indicate the area to be achieved. During missions you’ll also violate the terminal , turn off alarms and you can even take control of some powerful weapons on the field, such as a machine gun.

We arrive at the strong point of Call of Duty – Strike Team, the two views of the game.

First person view

call of duty 1

You can play FPS style, a “classic” first-person shooter that allows you to live close to the many missions. The killing of the enemies will be more engaging, in fact, you can attach the lens and quickly kill him with a blow to the head or elsewhere. Very interesting how “sniper” where you can accurately hit the enemy, but also kill the soldiers in stealth mode will be very interesting. In practice, this view allows you to live a mission more exciting .

Visual Tactical Drone

Dismissing the view can be managed strategically soldiers . You will have the ability to effectively lead a team coordinating their movements and actions. For example, you will have to decide where to conduct both the soldiers by drawing a line that will be either blue or red. In the first case, the path ahead will be free from enemy soldiers, while in the case of “red stripe” your hero will get through at all costs, even alarming enemies.

Do not miss the opportunity to bring down their opponents in that mode, simply plug on each of them and decide how to eliminate them. As obviously imagine, the third-person view makes the game much more tactical and less engaging.

Both will be crucial to overcome various missions and you can activate them quickly by clicking on the button in the top left of the screen. Both: the first gives us the opportunity to live the mission in a fast-paced, while the second will be convenient and necessary to have a complete picture of the battlefield.


Graphics and sound

The graphics in this Call of Duty changes depending on the game visuals. In the first person, of course, will allow you to live environments closely, then you will appreciate the killing of the soldiers so close, explore the rooms, hunting of the switches off and computers to crack. In view of drone, however, have a much more comfortable that will allow us to supervise the whole. Very interesting are also the various lines of different colors that will allow us to understand whether the path will be safe or not.

In the course of the adventures are not lacking of movies that will allow you to immerse yourself even more in the mission.

Worthy sound for this game that focuses mainly on speeches , in English, which will take place between the soldiers. Luckily there is no shortage of Italian subtitles that will allow us to understand every conversation without effort.


Call of Duty: Strike Team is an exciting game that can be considered both a FPS is a strategy game, but it might not be accessible to all Android users. First let’s talk about its price: € 5.11for a title that will surely attract fans of the genre. Other great brake is definitely the weight: approximately 1.9 GB. The game also includes in-app purchases, which fortunately are not very invasive.

It is worth downloading? If you have a device powerful enough (runs relatively well on Galaxy S2) downloading is recommended!

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