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A Cheap Smartphone Doesn’t Have to Be a Dull Smartphone

by kaburulu

As the number of cell phone users increases, the number of smartphones in existence is increasing drastically as well. Most people who purchase a new mobile phone choose smartphones over the less user-friendly basic phones. The reason is simple. Today’s world is full of social media, email, games, pictures and online banking, shopping and investing. With a smartphone, individuals can make their lives much easier.

However, the problem for many people is that smartphones are incredibly expensive. Anyone can see this simply by walking into a Best Buy, a Microsoft store or an Apple retailer. Thankfully, there are a few tips for snagging a cheap smartphone. Smartphone users who are on a budget should realize that a cheap smartphone plan from Scratch Wireless does not have to equal a dull mobile experience.


How to Find a Cheap Smartphone

§ Choose a Prepaid Plan
Many prepaid plans come with smartphones instead of basic phones. The phones are typically cheap to purchase and can even be found at big box retailers, such as Best Buy or Wal-Mart. Prepaid plans are ideal for those who do not like two-year commitments or who have poor credit history.

§ Choose a Contract Smartphone Plan with a Discounted Phone
Those who prefer a mobile plan with a two-year contract can often find a cheap smartphone. Many times, these are top-of-the-line devices. Other times, these are basic smartphones that can be purchased for as little as a dollar. Of course, terminating a contract can cost hundreds of dollars, thereby negating the low price of the smartphone. Therefore, it is wise to consider the plan thoughtfully before committing to it.

§ Purchase a Used Device
Used smartphones are found many places. Sometimes the best place to find the widest selection is online through auction sites. In addition, some cell phone makers sell refurbished phones for a lower price than its new counterpart does. Choosing a refurbished phone can knock off a large percentage of the price.

§ Choose an Older-Model Smartphone
Is purchasing the newest model of smartphone necessary? Oftentimes, the older model of the same phone works just as well for a lower price. For example, users can still purchase models of the iPhone that were popular three or four years ago. Although older phones may not have all of the features or may not be as fast as their newer counterparts are, they can typically be used in much the same way.

How to Make the Most of a Cheap Smartphone

§ Choose Free Applications
One of the best ways to make any type of smartphone exciting is to add apps. The smartphone does not have to be the latest and greatest model to run the newest social media or gaming apps. In addition, many apps are free.

§ Update It to a New Operating System If Possible
Some smartphone models, such as the iPhone, allow users to update to the newest operating system even if the phone is not the newest model. This helps the smartphone work securely and as quickly as possible.

§ Protect It from Viruses
No phone will be any fun if it is running slowly due to viruses or if smartphone hackers are filtering personal information from it. Some companies, such as AVG, offer a free mobile security app with basic protection. For more protection when emailing, gaming and using GPS, users can choose an antivirus, such as Norton, for a moderate annual fee.

§ Use Wi-Fi Hotspots
Most people can save a great deal of money while still having a fun experience connecting with other on smartphones by using free Wi-Fi hotspots instead of investing in hefty mobile data plans. Many restaurants, businesses and shopping centers offer this service to patrons. In addition, those who use a wireless router at home will be able to tap into this Wi-Fi to play games, send emails, do banking and go shopping from their smartphones.

There are many great ways to keep a smartphone in any price range from being dull. Smartphones

can be found for great prices simply by choosing a good mobile plan or by searching for budget-friendly used phones. Free applications and newer operating systems make the mobile experience lively and fun while keeping users connected with family and friends.

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