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Colorino – A Unique and Intuitive Android Game

by kaburulu

Colorino from Red Prawn Games is an easy to play android board game. This is a matching game where the user needs to match the tiles by either color or shape and thus clearing the board of  the marked tiles in the specified time.

You can download the game from the Google Play Store. It is only 10 MB file that easily fits in any android mobile device. Here is a screenshot showing that I’m able to download it in just seconds using my 2MBPS broadband.


Once installed, it places a shortcut of the game on the phone home screen. You can also start the game from the menu and click on the Colorino app icon.

Then you will be presented with a screen with the following options:

  1. How to Play?
  2. Play
  3. Options

If you click on “How to Play” then it shows the help guide which describes how to play the game. You can skip the tutorial and enter the Menu section by clicking on the Menu button at any time.


Place the tiles on the board adjacent to the already existing tiles. Only condition is that the tiles must match either the shape or the color of existing ones.

If the selected tile does not match anywhere on the board, you can skip it using “SKIP TILE” button.

If you skip a tile that could still be matched, you will lose lives, so this option needs to be used with caution.








It should be noted that you will lose lives if you make mistakes when placing the tiles or even when the given time runs out. Once you lose all the lives, the game is over. You can also gain lives by completing levels and scoring points.

There are 5 shapes and 5 colors of the tiles in total, with a special blank tile that can be used to match any tile without any concern to its appearance.

As you can see in the screenshots below I went from the initial levels up to 80+. As I started to complete one level after another I felt increasingly excited to play more levels. I can see it’s  really an addictive game and can easily kill some spare time.



All you got to do is complete full rows or full columns. Once a row or column is complete, it gets removed from the board. When you clear the board of all marked tiles, the level is complete and you can enter the next level of the game. Preferably, this should be done in the given time, but even if the time runs out and you still have some lives left, you can continue playing the game.



Final Verdict

I can easily give Colorino 4.5 out of 5 rating. Game loads pretty fast and it’s not at all laggy. I even tried it on a low-end android phone and the performance is still the same. There are not that many features to mention, but there are hundreds of levels to keep ourselves busy. One should give it a try, this game will quickly become their favorite. Moreover, it is not a paid app and also has no in-app purchases – like in other games, where one needs to buy weapons or instruments or credits to skip levels, etc. Colorino is a android match game one should not miss to include in their app list.

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