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Cool tricks for your android Mobile Devices

by kaburulu

With the announcement of a new OS, simply named “L”,  android has never been more popular. There are apps for every kind task imaginable, and the system has never been easier to use. In light of that, here are some of the coolest things you can do on an android OS.

android tricks

Read free comics

Decidedly retro, reading comics on your high powered android device is both enjoyable, and a bit ironic. Take a trip into your childhood by downloading the Comixology app, where there are comics from all the major publishers, such as Marvel and D.C., many of them free.

Keep browsing on all devices

Most of us have a smartphone and a laptop, and if you use google chrome on your laptop, you’re able to control internet tabs from device to device. With up to 8 tabs open on your laptop, simply keep the window open, then open up your chrome browser on your phone and voila! The same tabs will pop up.

Take a picture, while taking video

Most android users don’t know about this, but on many smartphones you are able to take a picture at the same time you’re taking video. It’s as simple as tapping the screen while you’re taking video, and the photo will be stored in your gallery.

Unlock a phone with your face

On most android operating phones, you can set up the lock screen to unlock only when it sees your face. It’s not always super responsive, but it’s a neat party trick to pull out in front of a curious crowd.

Sync everything

One of the most overlooked aspects of android is it’s powerful syncing capabilities. If all or most of your accounts are set up through google, you could lose or break your phone, and then by simply connecting back to gmail again and you’ve got all your information again. It’s a feature that you don’t realize how important it is until you lose your data.

Build your own app

You can actually build your own app, without any programming, using an app called Rheti. You can tailor these apps to do anything you want, and if you want to try to make some money from it, you can even sell it to google play. This can all be done within minutes, and is a feature android allows that the Apple IOS does not.

With every new update, it seems like the android OS gets smarter and more intuitive. You can do almost anything with it, all it takes is your imagination.

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