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Crazy Mob Lite Game in Android Review

by kaburulu
Crazy Mob Lite Android Game

Crazy Mob is a Game developed by  Ratata -dev.ru  recently added in the Play Store and can offer fun for everyone. Simple, straightforward and fun, offering a 2D graphics, monsters of various types and many different weapons to hinder them. In fact, the pattern in the game will be filled with various characters that will come out of a toilet bowl and we have to prevent these arrive in our hut. There we will have Watermelons, special bubbles and more.

Crazy Mob Game An Unusal Defense Game

Aren’t you tired of tower construction as in usual Tower Defense? Do you need something new? Crazy Mob will bring you NEW EXPERIENCE. It’s the most amazing and crazy defense & runner game you ever played. Mob of funny monsters try to reach your camp. Use your extraordinary arsenal wisely to stop them. Finally, A NEW APPROACH TO DEFENSE GAME.

Crazy Mob uses REAL PHYSICS so the monsters are lifelike: they ran, they jump, they bounce and shoot upwards.The amazing gameplay, beautiful music, excellent graphics and animation will get you in the mood.
Crazy Mob Lite Android Game
1. Two game modes (Defense & Runner). Defend yourself from the monsters or play for one of them.
2. 4 game-worlds (Forest, desert, rocks and volcanoes)
3. 18 unique funny monster (mushroom, turtle, hedgehog, yeti, mummy, cactus, zebra, Anubis, Skeleton, zombie, Jack, knight, coal, dragon, golem, demon, pumpkin) with different powers.
4. Day and night missions
5. Incredible weapon: watermelons, bubbles, gift boxes, snowmen, anvils
6. Change the gravity, direction, construction and destruction of bridges…
7. No in-app purchasing

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