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Dexcare 50m Series 20m Marchschubertgeekwire

by kaburulu
dexcare 50m series 20m marchschubertgeekwire

Health-Tech Start-Up DexCare Gets Additional Funding

DexCare offers Platform as a Service solution to health systems designed to manage capacity and demand. This health-tech start-up has its headquarters in Seattle, and the company recently announced funding of $50m. This funding is in addition to the $20m fund that DexCare received in March. The initial round of funding helped DexCare add new features to its platform. The main investors in this round were Kaiser Permanente, Mass General Brigham, Providence Ventures, Spring Rock Ventures, Define Ventures, and Fristy Cressey Centures.

dexcare 50m series 20m marchschubertgeekwire

What is dexcare 50m series 20m marchschubertgeekwire ?

DexCare was incepted in 2016 by Providence and was later made a separate entity. The goal behind the inception of DexCare was to acquire customers for the daycare business. With its capabilities, DexCare has helped millions of patients with appointment bookings. The platform also provides services to the national health system, academic centers, and care centers. A patient can book a video or a phone appointment with the help of DexCare. The best part about DexCare is that it can be integrated with social media, so customers can get an instant appointment.

DexCare provides a single-point solution for hospitals which helps them get new patients. The patients are able to connect with the hospital virtually as well as physically. The new Series of investments is going to help the platform in improving the platform, adding new features, and expanding to new markets.

Charlotte Schubert has documented more details about the funding and the expansion of DexCare in an article on GeekWire. The author also shared how the platform is transforming hospitals & patient care. It is making the procedures easy and enabling healthcare for everyone. Such solutions are needed to optimize the procedures and help the patients cut down the lead time. It will be interesting to see how the new funding will help DexCare build new capabilities. so dexcare 50m series 20m marchschubertgeekwire means Health-Tech Start-Up DexCare Gets $50 Million Additional Funding

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