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Escape Room Safety Tips To Know

by kaburulu
Escape Room Safety Tips To Know

Escape Room Safety Tips To Know

Escape rooms are a great way for bonding, to have fun, and to use your brain to solve real life puzzles. Escape rooms can also have potential safety hazards though, so even though you might feel as though you’re here to save the future of the world by solving all the puzzles, you still need to remember to look after yourself and your friends. This means following instructions and being safe for the entire hour that the door is shut, which these tips can help you with. To understand more about escape rooms, also read this resource by LockBusters.

Escape Room Safety Tips to Know

When you enter an escape room, or even before you enter an escape room, first be aware of a few basic things. Be aware that you will be in the room for an hour, that there will be people monitoring your safety and progress, and that there are a lot of things in each room to mess with. Just knowing these facts can help you stay safe while you’re enjoying the escape room experience.

Dress Comfortably

First off, think about what you’ll be doing when you’re in the escape room. You’ll be crawling around, leaning down to look at things, and getting dusty. To have a good experience, you want to be dressed in clothing that you can move in, that won’t get accidentally caught on anything, or that you won’t trip over. Don’t wear something like high heels or something that you don’t want to get dirty.


You will not be completely plunged into the darkness in any escape room, but there will be dim lighting for the sake of the atmosphere. This will usually only happen for a short amount of time to prevent any sort of injuries, but still, you should be aware of this so that you won’t either hurt yourself or break something.


You might do an escape room with your family, which is a whole lot of fun, but do keep in mind that escape rooms are not made to be child safe. You can bring in young children with you as long as they’re accompanied by a group of adults, although you need to sometimes put aside the puzzles to supervise the children. This will ensure that they stay safe and that no property gets broken.

Be Sober

Despite how obvious this may sound, do not be under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs when you enter your escape room. You need to have your decision-making process intact, and need to be able to be safe with all the items in the room. Remember that there are breakable items in the room, things to trip over, and well, actual puzzles that you need to solve.

Your Items

This isn’t necessarily about your safety, but about the safety of your items. If the escape rooms do not have a special place like a locker to keep your stuff, give it to a staff member to look after. You don’t want just anyone in the lobby to find your stuff, and certainly don’t want to be distracted by where you left your things when you’re trying to solve puzzles.

Sharp Objects

There aren’t usually sharp objects everywhere in escape rooms, although you might run into a letter opener or something as a part of a puzzle. There might even be broken equipment in the room for the sake of atmosphere, which is important to remember.

Along with anything sharp, stay away from things like electrical sockets. There won’t be any clues in there and just like in the outside world, sockets and electricity are dangerous. Only ever touch a socket if you’re doing an electricity room and the socket is obviously fake.

Trust Your Game Master

You will be locked in your room for an hour after you get your briefing from your game master. It’s the game master who will tell you everything you need to know about completing your challenge, and will lay out all of the rules and any company policies that you shouldn’t forget. Listen carefully, and trust that they will be there to give you hints and tips, and that they will respond if there is any kind of emergency. The game master is there to keep you safe and to ensure that you have a great time.

You Don’t Need Force

Ultimately, know that these rooms are designed to test your intellectual prowess, not your physical strength. You will not be asked to knock anything over, to break things, to climb things—and if you do any of those things, the game master will know.

You will never need to move any heavy objects or struggle to push things around. These games test your mind, so use your mind to solve them. Doing otherwise will put you in danger by dealing with heavy things that might fall or break. Of course, this will prevent you from breaking anything and being charged too.

Emergency Exits

Every escape room does include emergency exits because despite the atmosphere, they are made to be safe. There are fire extinguishers in each room, and emergency exits that will open automatically if anything does happen. Please do not try to mess with any windows in the room, even if you do need to get out for some reason. If this happens, let the game master know and he will open the door for you. It is a good idea to make a note of where the emergency exit and first aid kit signs are. It’s always a good idea to be prepared in case you or a group member requires medical attention.


Escape rooms are made to be a lot of fun. They’re a great way to bond with your family and your friends or maybe even your coworkers, and if you pay attention to the rules and keep these basic safety tips in mind, they’re completely safe too. Listen to your game master and enter your escape room to have a good time without any bruises or injuries—and work to complete all of your puzzles before your hour is up!


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