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Forgotten Tools: Finding and Updating All the Apps on Your Smartphone

by kaburulu

Today’s apps are like yesterday’s tools, records, and pictures.  You want to bring them with you, even when you ‘move’ to a new phone.  Closely related, if it’s been awhile since you updated your phone or your app, you’re likely due for a refresh.  Here’s how to find app control panels and update.

Don’t Worry

A huge concern of those who have a library of apps is whether or not they maintain ownership once they transfer phones.  The answer is yes.  If you bought and/or downloaded apps at the Google Play store, then you maintain ownership throughout all your phones.   Moreover, you may want to reactivate apps of old or disable those that are preinstalled on a new phone.


You’ll want to know how to reactivate or reinstall your apps.  Go to your Google Play app.  From the Menu, go to My apps and Games.  Comb through the list of available apps.  Depending on the nature of the app, you may reinstall or reactivate.  What’s the difference?  Apps that you can deactivate are preinstalled on your device, so you may deemphasize them but not entirely delete them.

Don’t Forget

Some apps have made an impression on users throughout 2016.  You may have forgotten about a number of current apps.  Alternatively, perhaps it’s time to consider downloading some new ones.  The following apps were popular in 2016.  Get them and others on the Google App store.

Sleep Pillow lulls you to sleep by using a range of relaxing and sleep inducing sounds.  The sleep timer makes it so the noise slowly fades out as you enjoy a night’s rest.

Kitchen Stories is like having a professional chef’s breadth of knowledge in your back pocket.  Browse the app for recipes, videos, pictures, and more.

AmpMe enables remote parties to have an intimate dance party.  The MC or host of the party sends invites to others and subsequently, plays music that can be synced to the speakers of all parties.

Door Dash makes it so pretty much any restaurant delivers.  The app works with over 40,000 restaurants nationwide so you can place an order, and despite the private rules of the establishment, get food straight to your door!

What’s Normal?

It’s normal for popular publishers to update the app 1 to 4 times per month.  That seems frequent, yet diligent publishers want to (at least) address any bugs that will deter users and advertisers.

Do You Need to Update?

That’s a tough question.  Eventually, you’ll need to update an app or risk having it act quirky or limit its capabilities.  However, updates can be a marketing ploy devised by an app’s publisher to keep it visible in the Google Play store and atop of the minds of users.

However, assuming the publisher has good intentions, updates should include new features, fixed bugs, and an all-around improved usability and interface.  Updates promote a synergy between publishers and fans.  Loyal fans will provide feedback, which if considered and acted upon by the publishers, results in an ever improving app that remains popular with users.

Sarah Anderson works in an electronics store and considers herself knowledgeable when it comes to choosing tech. She shares some tips online in her articles.

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