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Get to it: 5 IT challenges & how cloud backup fights each one

by kaburulu

The digital world is forever expanding, changing and alternating, and we are witnessing a global informational explosion, IT infrastructure changes and an alarming rate of cyberattacks.

With this in mind, it’s important that you have the technology to protect your business in 2023 and beyond. Here are five are IT problems and how the best cloud back Australia has can stifle them:

  • Infrastructure complexity

Modern IT networks are increasingly – and outrageously – convoluted. It is normal for an IT team to manage various solutions for networking, servers, storage and more across private, public and hybrid environments.

When the field is so complex and each part contains its own vendor, monitoring tools and management interface, it can be near-impossible to ensure the network’s capability and safety.

Luckily, the best cloud backup Australia has can alleviate the stress through automating the backup process so experts can think about other processes. When implementing this solution, IT professionals receive the extra safety of advanced recovery processes, so RTOs, SLAs and RPOs require reduced IT focus.

  • Natural disasters

If a natural disaster were to occur, the best cloud backup Australia has would come into full effect. As its servers distribute information across a range of places, there is a lower chance of localised threats like earthquakes, fires and wild storms damaging your data sets.

What’s more, these data sets are accessible from any device that has internet connection, meaning authorised disaster recovery professionals or IT team members can orchestrate backups even if the office is damaged and inaccessible.

  • Health crisis

Before the pandemic, it was almost impossible to imagine that a global health crisis would devastate international business. IT experts are now applying these lessons to creating new infrastructures, including first cloud backup.

The global health crisis illuminated the need to have contingency plans in place for switching to 100% virtual networks. For certain businesses, this was the only way they could keep making money. Through incorporating this environment, including orchestrated recovery, it has simplified the process and made it more secure.

  • Remote workspaces

Another consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic was the working from home era, something which many organisations throughout Australia are continuing to implement as part of a remote or hybrid working solution.

And, whilst this has been great for many employees and employers, it does increase the attack target location number. Therefore, it is important to have the best cloud backup Australia has, as they provide a flexible and scalable recovery solution that can be implemented across a wide network of target locations without the need to buy and install any new hardware.

Typical remote workplaces use software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, to support staff collaboration and efficiency. However, SaaS solutions generally utilise a shared responsibility model which, consequently, compromises data protection. A top quality cloud backup network is the only way to truly protect your employees and your business against remote work cyberattacks.

  • Ransomware

Ransomware attacks are on the rise and causing more havoc than ever. They have even become more targeted, with cybercriminals actively seeking out the locations they wish to target.

There used to be a throw it to the cyber wind approach to ransomware attacks, but now your business is at risk to more specified, more damaging endeavours, and this is especially so if your business is one that is likely to pay the ransom just to get back on track.

With cloud backup, you can store your informational sets away from the company network so that ransomware operators can’t get their grubby cyber mitts on them!

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