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Icertis 80m Series 280msopergeekwire

by kaburulu
Icertis 80m Series 280msopergeekwire

Icertis Secures $150m For Contract Management Tool

In a recent press announcement, Icertis revealed that the company had received an additional capital of $150 million. This also includes convertible financing and credit facility available to Icertis. These announcements were made in line with SEC filing, and Taylor Soper has documented more details about the same in an article on GeekWire.

What is icertis 80m series 280msopergeekwire ?

Icertis 80m Series 280msopergeekwire

Icertis is in the business of providing contract management software. The software solutions are offered to various businesses, which streamlines their process of managing their contracts. Icertis commented that they are in a solid capital position after receiving the new funding. The new funding will help the company expand and make business more feasible. The company has been offering contract management software in over 90 countries.

Notably, Icertis was founded in 2009, and since then, the company has been through multiple Series of funding. In March 2021, the company also went through a Series F funding round, during which the company raised $80m. In March 2021, the company was valued at $2.8m, and the valuation of the company has crossed $5 billion, and now, Icertis has raised over $300 million. The primary investors for Icertis are SoftBank and SAP. Presently, the CEO of Icertis is Samid Bodas, also the company’s co-founder. He has experience working with Aztechsoft & Microsoft.

The main USP of the software is that it helps the companies keep track of the deals with their customers and suppliers. Often, this helps the organizations negotiate and get a better value before framing a contract. The tool has not only allowed companies to save money, but it has also allowed companies to reduce lead time. Some of the customers of Icertis include Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Accenture, Mercedes Benz, and SAP. Some of the direct competitors of Icertis include SirinLabs, DocuSign, Conga, and other companies that offer contract management solutions. So icertis 80m series 280msopergeekwire means Icertis Secures $150m For Contract Management Tool

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