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Top Mobile Game Suggestions For 2018

Top Mobile Game Suggestions For 2018

Mobile gaming is rapidly increasing in excellence and popularity around the world.  There’s nothing more exciting for gamers than mobility, and technology has progressed enough for our mobile devices to run some pretty cool games. Mobile gaming is no longer restricted to puzzle games and breaking blocks.  Today’s mobile gamers enjoy depth, challenge, and high-quality entertainment. Get planted in your ... Read More »

How Android Fuels Online Gambling’s Huge Revenue Spike

Android is a powerful operating system, preferred by smartphone purists the world over, which hasn’t gone overlooked by the online gambling industry. Casino and casino games developers specifically create content for Android, and this is paying huge dividends. Mobile connectivity is pushing online gambling revenue to the $500 billion mark this year, and Android plays a large part in that ... Read More »

Why Pokémon Go is so addictive

If you’re already a heavy gamer you probably know a little something or two about how games can be seriously addicting. But it’s not just experienced gamers who are picking up and getting addicted to Pokemon Go. Everyone is doing it. So why is Pokemon Go in particular so much more addicting than your average app? Nostalgia Many Pokemon Go ... Read More »

Ways to Stream Live News on Your Smartphone

Your smartphone is the best way to get all the information you want right away no matter where you are. This, of course, is also true with breaking news. You want to hear about all the latest as it’s happening, and your smartphone allows you to do that anywhere you go. No longer do you need to sit in front ... Read More »

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