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Pac-Man Dash!: Pills, biscuits, fruit and lots of ghosts, thank you! [Review]

by kaburulu


In the year 1980,  Tohru Iwatani , the programmer Namco , was in a restaurant and  Immersed in his thoughts, order a pizza and eats a piece. And it is precisely there, in that moment, that the inspiration overwhelms him and turns on the ideas in a video game called Pac-Man. That this story is true or not we do not know, but it adds a touch of magic to the story that we love so much, a story that has created a product of great depth and that has affected the international gaming scene. Even today, Pac-Man is considered a classic, one of the icons of the imaginary world of the most important consoles, computers and even smartphones / tablet thanks to the landing of  PAC-MAN+Tournaments on Android.


The setting resembles’ that of Sonic, with scrolling levels, platforms to jump on and pills to collect. The only two actions that we perform are , the jump and the special move. Both can be performed via virtual button on touchscreen, but it is to open a small parenthesis in respect of the special move. It may be set before entering the game, and these moves range from simple sprint to real evocations of allies who will help us during the race.

The mechanics are well developed, the vibes of speed offered by fast-paced action of the game is very fast-paced and inspire the player, but there is a mistake, a large mistake that limits a lot of the fun of the title is just too easy.You can not die, you can not  fall from the platforms as they will throw us under another portion of the level so much so that you feel like playing a game on rails rather than to a platform-running. The gameplay is overly driven, the challenge is minimal and overall the experience is very light, definitely fits to a younger fans.



Pac-Man Dash! It features 5 different worlds featuring 15 levels. Each stage is timed, and we can gain a few seconds eat the ghosts . The tasks are classic and similar of those found in the myriad of securities of the same kind, except that here the developers have seen fit to mask the usual stuff just by entering a mission to level. So, to move to the next level, we will have to complete the mission objective as “500 Eating cookies”, “Run to 2,000 meters,” and so on.

The idea is to offer the player an experience-oriented missions, which is good, but to be honest, you will complete the mission without doing too much attention to the indicator of the task to complete.  As for the shop, the only things that can be purchased are special moves like sprint, centrifuges, double jumps and allies. Overall, the content offered by Pac-Man Dash are quite funny in the early stages of the game, but unfortunately, boredom comes after a few sessions.

Colorful and lively, the audiovisual sector Pac-Man Dash! is definitely the best part of the offer given by the game play. The animations are simple but well done, the action flows smoothly and is beautiful to look at and everything is topped off with a cute and funny audio sector.

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Pac-Man Dash! is available on the Play Store for free. The formula requires the presence of  in-app purchases and the energy system. The game offers ten hearts and each game costs one heart: the indicator of charging a notch every 15 minutes. All special moves can be unlocked with pills / biscuits collected in-game, while the boost must necessarily be purchased via in-app purchase, but they are all accessories for the purposes of gameplay.

You can buy:

  • Permanent: Double ration of biscuits for € 1.79
  • Permanent Unlock a world for € 0.89
  • Consumable: 10 Double ration of biscuits for € 0.89
  • Consumable: 25 Extra Time € 1.79 up to 80 Extra Time € 4.49
  • Consumable: on one recovers energy for € 0.89 up to 10 recovers energy for € 4.49


Pac-Man Dash! is a title without infamy and without praise. It is not surprising and adds almost nothing to the well-known formula of the running-game , but it’s a light game and try to hang out with brief moments of entertainment, for sure the new effort by Namco could do for you.


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