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Ping 8 Bit Puzzle Pong Game on Android : Video Review

by kaburulu

Newly we told you about a game  which repeated the main features of the famous Pong, the video game of the 70s. Today we want to tell you about a similar title? Oh no not another Ping Pong clone! Wait, it’s not! It’s actually something new and original! which Includes 72 levels. The developer has taken inspiration from the Atari signed, but gave birth to a whole new game, original and incredibly entertaining.

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For sharing the philosophy that there is always a need for a three-dimensional graphics, high-definition, you will welcome the title successfully launched by Christopher Arnold! We are talking about Ping , a game available for Android, but which, according to the developer, will not arrive for iOS! Recently, the developer may have found the method to satisfy even Apple users, but in the meantime we enjoy our beautiful game back.



While renewing the well-known Pong does not share quite the same playing technique. In the title Atari,  you have to bounce a ball from one finger to another, and the mission will be to not lose it. In Table, instead, the goal is entirely different like  hit the ball orange located in a strategic point of the level.

Players will have a small white square that will be the only element that can move. To move it you will have to point it at a wall / item, run it and take advantage of its rebounds to reach the orange ball.

Tap the ultimate goal may be difficult from the outset whether you adjust the shot well, but after doing a little practice you will become much more experienced. The stage is dotted with other colored squares that make up various forms . These are the obstacles that divide the orange ball, but will also be useful because they can be used as wall as a support to allow the main square of bounce.

The main difficulty of the game is to not be able to use a lot of rebounds . In each level you will be shown a definite number of touches that will make the square, then, you can only use these to reach the final round. Should you miss the figure, will start the game over.

Originally the obstacles in the game will be locked objects of simple, very soon the elements will begin to move  and the mission will become even more complex. Christopher Arnold has introduced several different objects to not make the game too repetitive: walls to crack, invisible barriers, treadmills and so on.

To win the levels, all you have to do is simply bounce the ball equal to or less the goal! Or you could just simply shoot the ball on a level and listen/watch your bounce count go up into the thousands quickly while listening to those pings and pongs emanating from your phone. After you clear all 8 levels in a world, the next world will magically appear as a button to your right.

Graphics and sound


The graphics 8-bit is the winning feature of Ping. On a black background constantly flit multiple colored squares, the ball (or balls) orange to touch and of course your little white square to launch.

Everything, is very simple, but easily conquer fans of the genre.Each episode, as well as adding new elements include a different sound track. The music, anyhow, will always be relevant with the retro style of the game.

ConClusion :

Personally we loved Ping, so we can not advise you download. A free game that will keep you watchful to the screen.This game was even designed to look great on both smartphones AND tablets. No need for an HD version! Although, 8-bit Pong in HD wouldn’t have made any difference whatsoever.

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