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Recover Lost Data with EaseUS Data Recovery Software

by kaburulu

One of the most encountered problems in todays’ world is deleting important files and folders permanently. Once you delete the required files, there’s no way you can get it back. This was actually the belief of potential users a couple of years ago. But, technology has emerged through massive success and you’ve to cry when you lose your precious data. Potential software with data recovering utility has come up with the solution to recover your data fully. Generally the standard data recovery softwares might cost you a lot for the first time. This is where EaseUS Data Recovery software emerges from. It offers a complete free solution for all of your lost data problems.

EaseUS offers you free data recovery up to 2GB which is a lot compared to other data recovery softwares. Also this software is unparalleled to its extension of readily available features and tools. This software works your way out when you delete anything permanently. Not only the known file types, it can also recover the unknown file types and bring according to their path as well.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software

This is a very handy tool to use for the first time. Most people will find it pretty helpful to get back all of your data with just some few simple clicks and let the software do all the work for you. After downloading your free copy, just install this software following the proper instructions. You’ll get three modes to recover your data once you’ve completed your installation.


–         Recover whole directory and certain files

–         Search by data types and their attributes

–         It supports NTFS/FAT32 system

–         It can fully recover a partitioned or deleted or removed drive

–         It can also search in bad sectors for possible data recovery

Recover your Data from Anywhere

One of the most encountered obstacle of using free data recovery software is that they doesn’t work in your way and don’t support various devices as well. With EaseUS you can leave it with no problem at all. EaseUS supports all kinds of images or any types of data from any source like external hard drives, micro SD Cards, SD Cards or TF card etc. It can read any device up to 8GB.

Android Data Recovery

Now, more than 30% of total mobile users use Android operating system and it’s great to have a file reviving software on your Android device. EaseUS free edition does support android data recovery as well. By erasing or flashing a different ROM without backing up can delete all of your contents which you can recover by using EaseUS data recovery software.

Follow the brief instructions of EaseUS software pack and recover your lost data with simple 3-click procedure. The simple user interface will amaze you as well.

The biggest relief of using EaseUS is it is completely free up to 2GB. It supports both Mac and PC. Once you’re satisfied with it, you can buy this software for $69.95.

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