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Running Android Apps on Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4

by kaburulu

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is a tablet that acts like a laptop with a fast 6th generation Intel Core processor, an easy to use keyboard and a large crystal clear screen. The only downside with the Surface Pro is that it only runs Windows apps, although it’s quite expected, it still might throw you at first, when you are used to running Android apps.

Microsoft have been toying with the idea of introducing an Android tool, enabling users to run Android apps on the Surface Pro, but so far, it has hit the drawing board, but not the stores which is quite frustrating because there are so many more Android apps available in Google Play, than there are apps for Microsoft’s Surface Pro.

So both the number and range of apps available to Microsoft users are very small compared to those available to Android tablet users.

But don’t worry as there are of course too many good things about this tablet. You can learn more about the Microsoft Surface 4 at Harvey Norman and see for yourself how this tablet can benefit you. Also, you don’t have to be too much disappointed as there’s a way to enable using Android apps with your Surface Pro 4.

You can simply run them by using third party applications like Bluestacks and American Megatrends (AMI). These are definitely worth a look, because the Surface Pro 4 is a great tablet, and in many ways is even superior to the Apple iPad Pro, what more if you can run android apps.

Bluestacks on the Surface Pro 4

Bluestacks is best known for being an Android emulators for Windows and supports both keyboard/mouse combinations and touch screens as well. Bluestacks is best used on Surface Pro 4 rather than the earlier Surface Pro 3, as it is fairly heavy on the CPU, which is something that the Surface Pro 4 can handle better than the Pro 3.

You also need at least 20GB of free space on your Surface Pro 4, which is a problem for the Surface Pro 3. Once it is downloaded onto your Surface pro 4, you have full access to all of the Android apps – how good is that?

AMI on the Surface Pro 4

You can use the AMI application on either the Surface Pro 3 or 4, so it is more flexible than Bluestacks. This is a fairly recent contender, however users seem to find that it works just as well as Bluestacks. As with Bluestacks, when you use the AMI application you are actually using a virtual Android system that has been installed on your Surface Pro.

This gives you full access to all of the apps in the Google Play Store and you can download as many of the free and paid apps (linking to your account of course) as you want onto your Surface Pro.

Overall, if you want to enjoy a full Android experience on your Surface Pro 4, then you now have two choices, both of which work equally as well as the other.

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