Monday , 18 January 2021
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Rush Song a Running Game with Music : Android

Rush Song: a running game with music

 Song Rush is a new game available in the Play Store that will allow you to combine the classic style of side-scrolling running game to your songs. The sound track of the game you choose it directly from your music library. A simple title and graphically realized in 2D where you run and jump to collect the various points will be the only activities that we do besides enjoy our favorite music. Being free can be tried.

Ready! Then Rush!
SongRush is a musical arcade game that will allow you to play with your own music.Run, slide, jump and avoid all the obstacles.Beat your own music by pulling off perfect combos to win maximum points. Will you get to the end of your track?Try all the solo challenges and take on your friends in the weekly tournament.May the best rusher win!

1. Download songs and play with your own library!
2. The obstacles are generated randomly by an algorithm. Each game level is unique!
3. A graffiti-inspired urban graphics style with a musical twist
4. Challenge your friends with the weekly tournament

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