Sunday , 29 November 2020
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Rymdkapsel Android Game Review – Video Review

Rymdkapsel: a new strategy by the minimal graphics and unpronounceable name comes on the Play Store

Rymdkapsel  is not only an unpronounceable word: it is the version Swedish the term ” space capsule “, and it is from Sweden comes this new strategic minimalist which is defined as ” a cross between Tetris and Sim City . ” But with the minimalist term does not refer only to the graphics engine that pushes the game, which is definitely defined as ” minimalist “and the development of a strong appearance 8-bitso that it is fashionable lately.  Rymdkapsel  is in all respects a minimalist game , starting from the gameplay that makes the simplicity and immediacy of one of its strengths. This does not mean, however, is a simple game: it is a real RTS and as such will require tactics and concentration.

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The game is set in outer space and we have to build the best space station derived from what remains of a ship, driving the servants to explore the galaxy around us. Do not we have to worry, however, selection of units or attacks against enemies : we have to focus exclusively on the construction of the station and its defense. We will start with a crew of two members subsequently to enlarge our borders and also to prepare boardings of potential attackers.

Rymdkapsel: a new strategy by the minimal graphics and unpronounceable name comes on the Play Store


Objective of the game is just to resist these waves : if our crew will be blown away “game over”. Obviously, the waves will become more and more complicated to dismiss and in the meantime we will have to accumulate resources, to recruit new members and create special buildings to fend off opponents.


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But we have perhaps revealed too: Rymdkapsel came out initially for PS Vita and his arrival was awaited on Android thanks to the assessments of critics and users. There remains, therefore, that take a look at the trailer , which shows us quickly split some of the gameplay, and decide whether to proceed with the purchase by spending € 3.59 . Here then served with trailer, links and screenshots. Have fun!


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