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Seattlebased Leafly 23m 120mdeppengeekwire

by kaburulu
seattlebased leafly 23m 120mdeppengeekwire

Leafly Raises $23M After Marijuana Legalization

Many states in the United States have legalized the consumption of marijuana in multiple forms. In such a case, a new online market came up which addresses the customer demand for marijuana and related products. Seattle-based start-up Leafly decided to monetize the opportunity and launched an online marketplace for marijuana and related products.

What is seattlebased leafly 23m 120mdeppengeekwire ?

As per a report from GeekWire, Laurel Deppen confirmed that Leafly had secured $23m in funding in a recent round. The investors are more confident than ever, and hence they are pushing more money in this online marketplace which is specially designed to cater to the needs of marijuana consumers. During the covid-19 pandemic, many states declared dispensaries as an essential business.
seattlebased leafly 23m 120mdeppengeekwire

As per the report, Leafly is expected to use these funds to expand its online presence. The marketplace will improve, allowing customers to buy cannabis through the portal. Leafly also has an educational resource that has helped many people gain knowledge about marijuana. It is known that Leafly has an annual traffic of 120m visitors on its website. Leafly is also expected to hire more staff to cater to the customer in a better way. This is good news for the organization as it was plagued with the news of several layoffs in the past few years.

Leafly is currently being managed by Yoko Miyashita, who is serving as the company’s CEO. Yoko brings the experience from Getty Images to Leafly, and she has certainly helped the company grow. Until now, Leafly depended on the retailers’ monthly subscription fees, but this will change as the company targets the online marketplace more aggressively.

Today, you can use Leafly to order flowers, edibles, cartridges, concentrates, vaping products, pre-rolls, topicals, and Delta-8 THC from the website. You can order various accessories used for consuming and growing marijuana. This is an interesting concept, and it is expected to grow further as more states legalize marijuana. So seattlebased leafly 23m 120mdeppengeekwire means Leafly raises $23M as recent legalization boosts cannabis market .

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