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Seeq 50m Insight Partners 115msopergeekwire

by kaburulu
Seeq 50m Insight Partners 115msopergeekwire

Seeq Secures $50M for Manufacturing Analytics Platform

A recent publication from Taylor Soper revealed that the software start-up Seeq has successfully raised $50m. This was the Series C round of investment for the Seattle based start-up. Seeq is moving towards maturity as the company was incepted in 2012. The company’s main product is manufacturing analytics software that helps the manufacturer collect data at various stages and analyze the data.

Seeq 50m Insight Partners 115msopergeekwire

What is Seeq 50m Insight Partners 115msopergeekwire ?

Presently, Seeq is managed by Steve Sliwa, who was also the founder of the company. In the recent round of investment, Insight Partners were able to lead the round. There were additional investors in the picture, which included Chevron Technologies Venture, Altira Group, Cisco Investments, Second Avenue Partners, and Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures. Until now, the total funding that has been collected by Seeq is $115m

The data collected by the Seeq platform can be used for quality controls. Sensors across the production line or the manufacturing process are used to capture the data, and it can then show the data on a dashboard to the user. The data can help the manufacturer determine the manufacturing conditions. The data is collected and stored on a cloud as well as physical storage at the manufacturing facility. Seeq uses Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services to store and manage the user’s data.

The user base of Seeq is increasing steadily, and it is able to offer some valuable insights to its customers. It has improved product quality, and it has also reduced the cost of recalls for many manufacturers. Since the company helps the manufacturer adopt a data-driven process, it has provided a logical analysis of issues noticed during manufacturing. The new funds will help Seeq in developing new capabilities on its platform, and it will also help the organization with new customer acquisition. So Seeq 50m Insight Partners 115msopergeekwire means Seeq lands $50M to grow manufacturing analytics software .

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