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Smartphones Vs. Tablets – Which Ones are Best for Mobile Gaming?

by kaburulu
Smartphones Vs. Tablets - Which Ones are Best for Mobile Gaming

If you are into mobile gaming, you may have considered getting a tablet or smartphone to keep up with your growing collection of apps. There are pros and cons of each and finding the right tablet or smartphone will also help in your choice. Here we look at which is better for mobile gaming and which is best suited for the games you play.

Smartphones Vs. Tablets - Which Ones are Best for Mobile Gaming


The size of your screen can matter a lot depending on what mobile game you are playing and how big you prefer the game to be. Many smartphones have pro or plus editions, which are bigger versions of the same phone, allowing a larger and superior screen to play your favourite games. For example, the TCL 10 pro UK provides an FHD+ curved AMOLED display, for great gameplay at home or on the go. If you don’t like the idea of a larger phone, a tablet may be a better choice for a more immersive game experience, but this can also be difficult to carry around. 


When it comes to mobile gaming, it really depends on what kind of games you play which will determine whether a tablet or smartphone is better. If you only play games such as Candy Crush or Among Us, most smartphones will handle that just fine. If you play online multiplayer mobile games, such as Hearthstone or PUBG, you may find at times that your smartphone lags, whereas tablets don’t as they tend to have higher refresh rates. If you want smooth gameplay, choose a gaming smartphone or a high-quality tablet will allow you to stream games effortlessly. 

Battery Life

Many smartphones now boast great battery life, meaning even hours of mobile gameplay can still leave your phone ready to use until you get home. If battery life is a problem, you can purchase a charging case which will charge your phone on the go, without the use of a portable charger. As tablets have a larger screen, they often tend to drain the battery quicker than most smartphones, meaning a tablet may not cut it if you’re out and about.  


If you enjoy playing games that would usually be played with a controller, you can find a range of add-ons for both mobiles and tablets, making your gameplay more immersive no matter what screen you are using. For tablets, you can find gaming stands and wireless controllers that can allow a computer gaming experience for those who don’t own a computer or laptop. For smartphones, you can find controllers that allow the phone to be placed in the middle, with buttons on either side. 

Many users prefer a smartphone for a portable gaming experience, and with many smartphones having larger and better-quality displays, the use of tablets has fallen. Even so, for those wanting a more immersive experience and don’t mind carrying a tablet around, large screen gameplay is a great alternative to a laptop or computer. 

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