Monday , 18 January 2021
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Who Owns Our Social Media?

Social media plays an integral part in many people’s lives; it keeps us connected to friends and family, it’s also integral to the success of businesses, and is a great source around the globe for the latest news. In 2014 an online voucher code and money saving website looked into who owns our social media and how much they control. ... Read More »

Minimal For Facebook – Ultralight Facebook client for minimalists and design-enthusiasts


Smartphones allow us to be constantly connected and, therefore, constantly connected to social networks like  Facebook . Being able to follow their own virtual life will be a very slow, eminently if you are not connected via           Wi-Fi. Our App of the Day today, Minimal Facebook , eliminates any frills  from the classic application and focuses only on the functions. Click Here: Infinite Flight ... Read More »

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