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Stackpulse 20m Series Ggvsopergeekwire

by kaburulu
Stackpulse 20m Series Ggvsopergeekwire

StackPulse Successfully Raises $20M

Most companies are moving away from physical infrastructure to cloud-based infrastructure. In such a case, the outage can harm the business more than ever before. Any software issues at a data center can impact multiple organizations around the globe. This is where StackPulse comes into the picture. This organization provides services that can be defined as Incident Response Automation. The service has helped several organizations streamline the support process. This new support has made applications more resilient. With the present capabilities, StackPulse can handle both minor incidents and P1 issues.

Stackpulse 20m Series Ggvsopergeekwire

What is stackpulse 20m series ggvsopergeekwire ?

In a recent article from Taylor Soper, it was noted that StackPulse had secured a Series A funding of $20m. This takes the total amount of funds raised by StackPulse to $28m as the company secured a funding of $8m in seed funding. GGV Ventures led the Series A round of the investment. According to the sources, the funds will help StakPulse increase the headcount from 35 to almost triple.

With the help of StackPulse, the DevOps Teams, Developers, and Production Services team can standardize the incident response. The teams are also able to share the best practices with each other in the form of executable code. The importance of such applications has been further highlighted by the global outages that we keep seeing. StackPulse moves the organization away from scattered procedures to a more streamlined process. It eliminates the inefficiency of the system, and it ensures maximum uptime.

In addition, StakPulse also helps in automating the response to the incidents and remediating them without any human input. So, by the team, the information about the incident is passed on to the teams, and there are chances that StakPulse would have already remediated the problem. Such a level of automation will form the future of the DevOps industry. So stackpulse 20m series ggvsopergeekwire means StackPulse Successfully Raises $20M for incident response automation .

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