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Android Lollipop Outdoes its Predecessors

Android launched as an alternative to the processing system used by Apple. Apple devices, including the iPhone and iPad, use a proprietary system that is not compatible with the systems that use Android operating systems. Android has a habit of using cutesy names for each new operating system that it releases on the market. KitKat, named for the popular candy ... Read More »

How to Choose the right Web Host?

If you’re on the hunt for web hosting services, it can be difficult to choose between the hundreds of options presented by a search. How do you know which sites are worth the money? What makes one package better than another? Here are a few things to consider when choosing a domain. Power No one offers a truly unlimited amount ... Read More »

Mobikwik – A Handy helper for all your Recharge Options

If you want a one stop shop where you will be able to make all your bill payment then you can try Mobikwik. It is an online payment gateway which helps the users to recharge their mobile or Data Card, and DTH too. In case you are using a postpaid plan of any mobile service provider, then also you will ... Read More »

Why Should You Consider Premium Domain Names?

Domain names are how people recognize your site. While search engine optimization can draw visitors, it is the name that people will have on their mind. When you think of “Google” or “YouTube,” does the domain address come to mind or the name? It is that effect the premium domain names have on your target audience that you want to ... Read More »

Stay Ahead of the SMS Termination Game with Bulk SMS Android Apps

Stay Ahead of the SMS Termination Game with Bulk SMS Android Apps Telecommunications is a major budget concern for small businesses. Marketing and sales teams rely on efficient communication systems to attract new customers. Some companies decide to invest in specialized SMS termination solutions like the ones provided by to handle their own operations. However, entrepreneurs and business owners ... Read More »

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