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The Excitement that the Harry Potter Murder Mystery Party Game Offers

by kaburulu

Harry Potter books are one of the most widely read and loved books of all time. You will be amazed to know the number of people that have taken out time to read every single series of this fiction by J.K. Rowling.

But as expected, this fiction has gone beyond the letters in books and found its way into motion pictures. This is considering how every one of the series has been premiered and widely appreciated by fans all over the world.

Many of them cannot get enough of both reading the books and watching them in movies. But more than this, some creative entities have given this fiction a newer and exciting twist. They have created a game out of it.

The most intriguing part of it all is that Harry Potter ends up dying here.  This however, is not the situation in books and movies as the fiction’s major character only comes close to death in many situations but never dies.

The closest as far as many are concerned is the seventh series (which is the 2nd part of The Deathly Hallows). For more information on how, why, and other subjects on Harry Potter staying alive after his ordeal in this series, you can click here.

How the Main Character’s Death can be Beneficial

The last thing readers and viewers want to see is their major character or protagonist paying the ultimate price – death. Well, the thought of Harry Potter dying in this widely appreciated fiction is not acceptable and we quite understand this and share in the sentiment.

However, you should know that this idea does not apply if it is a Murder Mystery game. This is because the caliber of the victim will even go a long way in making the activity a lot more exciting. This is why the parties that have come up with the Harry Potter Mystery Party have chosen to make this beloved character their victim.

The desire to find the parties responsible will be more exciting as has been the report from people that have played it. Many reports suggest that no stone is left untouched in finding the culprit and bringing the open and hidden associates of Lord Voldemort to book.

What makes it more exciting is how it incorporates many of the characters and scenarios found in the book and movie. As a result, costumes befitting the cast can even be used to breathe more life into the game.

Some Impressive Details about the Game

The people behind the scenes of the Harry Potter Murder Mystery Party have done a great job. This is considering the well-thought content and how much access people have to this murder mystery game. Some of the impressive details about the game include the following:

Brick and Mortar Store Troubles Are Avoided

Undoubtedly, the Harry Potter series is one of the most beloved and widely read fictional books of all time. The fact that this has remained the case for decades is amazing.

However, you should know that this J.K. Rowling’s book has had its fair share of challenges. The challenge of meeting the demand of people who needed hard copies at a time when e-books were not an option is one.

But more than this, many parties have been very critical about the content as it is viewed as promoting witchcraft and magic. In some places, this has meant ensuring the book does not find its way to the territory.

The truth is that the same antagonistic views might be shared towards this game. However, it is not going to be a big deal as it is gotten electronically. This means that the sentiments of religious figures and policymakers will not stop interested parties from getting it as was once the case.

It is printable after purchasing and saving it online. The fact that downloading it is something that can happen within seconds using the proper download link is an added incentive.

Many Participants can be Involved

Frankly, this is one of the biggest highlights of this Murder Mystery game and many others at large. It is the fact that many people can come into the picture trying to unravel the murder of dear Harry.

If you are interested in knowing how many people can get involved at once, it is surprising that up to 70 people can. This means that you would not have a group of people feeling bored while some are having fun unraveling the murder mystery. This is why it is strongly recommended in large party and gatherings as well.

Comes at a Reasonable Cost

The price of this e-book downloadable murder mystery game is reasonable from all that we have gathered. This is especially considering the number of people that can get involved and other impressive details about the game. So, you should consider it a more cost-effective option than many other alternatives.

Clear Guidelines on How The Game Should be Played

Frankly, murder mystery games are not a new addition to the gaming options available. They offer so much fanfare but there are areas where some of them fail.

We have gathered that giving clear-cut instructions on how the game should be played is an area many fall below the expected standard. Well, this is not the case with the Harry Potter Murder Mystery Party as the instructions are clear and easy to comprehend.

You should also know that the game developers have gone the extra mile by adding helpful clues at various rounds. Previous players have testified that there are clues to help players navigate the 1st – 3rd round of the game.

Other than this, the suspect and character badges that come with this game help a lot. This is aside from the costume and decorative ideas for those that want to add more life to the game.


You have seen how amazing the Harry Potter fictional series is in books and movies. Well, you should consider it in games and the Harry Potter Murder Mystery Party is one of the best options. It offers a lot of fanfare and excitement because of its impressive details explained here and more.

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