Home Tips The most famous place to Relax & Unwind according to the Internet

The most famous place to Relax & Unwind according to the Internet

by kaburulu
The most famous place to Relax & Unwind according to the Internet

“Ugh, my neck is killing me!” I exclaimed with a painful grunt to Sarah, the other day, while we munched on pizza. I hadn’t been sleeping particularly well, and that with the stress of a big presentation combined put me in quite a lot of stress. “You clearly need a break,” she replied with a nonchalant look. And, you know what? She was absolutely right. Either I could go on expending myself for the sake of material promotions, or I could take a small vacation, treat myself for once, and get my energies in order. So, I chose the latter path, packed my bags, and headed out to not the next U.S. state I could find, but to a whole different country, famous for its fashion trends and wellness restorative centers. I’m referring to the land of romance, Paris. If this destination is on your list too, and you’re looking for a post to guide you through its spa spots, then hang tight and read on.

The most famous place to Relax & Unwind according to the Internet

Vegan Victuals

Food is the ultimate fuel for my soul. Whenever a little bit of sadness comes over, I simply indulge in the treatment of the moment, which could be anything from a soufflé to a pot pie, and see my spirits come alive. This is precisely what happened when jet-lagged, I, went in search of a restaurant on the streets of Paris, having a vegan beauty unlike any other. Why? Because I felt like cleansing my gut with something fresh and organic. That’s when the guide pointed me towards “Wild and the Moon” on 55 Rue Charlot. There, I found vitality shots, hard-pressed juices, açai bowls, charcoal latte, grain salads, and those nut-milk smoothies you only hear about on TV. Thankfully, I’d made the reservation beforehand from my Spectrum phone number which provides local and long-distance calling free of cost and the international calling rates are quite reasonable too.

Massage Concept

Stress builds up these tensed knots in the muscles of your neck and your back, primarily. The only way to undo them is to get the best massage therapy there. Consequently, I found one such spot in Paris, centrally located at 15 Rue de la Grande Truanderie. “Massage Concept Paris” is popularly known for its variety of techniques and its friendly staff. You have a Chinese style, Traditional-French style, Swedish style, Thai & Japanese style, Californian style, custom-designed, couple duo special, and pregnant women special massages available at this one center. Do give it a go and recharge your soul.

Park Retreat

When was the last time you actually interacted with the mighty nature? Can’t remember, can you? It’s because you’ve hedged yourself within the grey concrete of your metropolitan home. Paris offers you a chance to come alive in its “Bois de Vincennes” park. Simply take a stroll with your loved one on its tracks, pedal in its wide-ranging lake, sniff the fragrant flowers, jog on its ‘Parcours Sportifs’, or exercise circuits, and take a yoga class there. You can even join a meditation group and reconnect with your spirit. The possibilities of relaxation are endless.

Bathhouse Cleanse

The “Grande Mosquée de Paris” offers you a wonderful opportunity to wash away the worldly pressures and slather your soul anew. Come inside this quiet and calm place of worship, and see people mid salutations. Go further to access the best bathhouse in all of Paris, known for its Hammam, Savon Noire (a dark liquid soap), and Gommage (scrub). Place your order at the counter for the services and relax in the mosaic-tiled waters. Once you’ve thoroughly washed, go around the back for a steaming cup of mint tea, which is sure to enliven you through and through.

Pont des Arts (The Famous Love Lock Bridge in Paris)

The Pont des Arts ties the Louvre with the Institut de France. The bridge was first built under Napoleon’s rule in 1804. In the first and second World Wars, the original Pont des Arts were exposed to two air bombings and several collisions with vessels, which were later sunk in 1979 when the tanker crashed into it. Established in1984, the present bridge has now become a UNESCO site like the rest of Paris’s banks of the Seine River. The Pont des Arts is a common location for outdoor studios or picnics. The location of the bridge along the River Seine and the Louvre make it also a common place for photographers. One must visit this spot to make a wish come true for yourself.

All in all, I would highly recommend the aforementioned spots for recharging and unwinding in Paris. They truly breathed fresh life into my spirits and prepared me to return home with new vigor.

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