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There’s An App For That: Addiction Recovery Support

by kaburulu

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Recovering from addiction can be a lonely process, and especially for those who have graduated from inpatient treatment, it can be challenging to remain on track, building on the good habits developed in treatment while resisting temptation. One tool that those in recovery today have, however, that wasn’t available in the past, is a smartphone. Phone apps allow those in recovery to check in with their emotions, engage in guided mindfulness activities, and even find recovery meetings like AA when traveling.

If you’re in recovery and preparing to load up your phone with addiction management tools, here are 5 great apps to start with. By building a diverse library of tools, you ensure that you’ll have the resources you need to handle even the most challenging days.

Pocket Therapy

Many addicts first encounter therapeutic modalities like dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) while in treatment, and discover that DBT provides excellent tools for managing stress, helping patients to assess their mental state, respond to it, and seek a stable state even while in great distress. Typically, however, people have months of DBT, including weekly group meetings, during which they hone these skills, but those who have been in an addiction treatment center may have to learn these skills in a shorter period of time.

Enter apps like DBT Diary Card and Skills Coach. This popular app can help users determine the best DBT skill to use under any circumstances, which can be challenging when you’re distressed and can’t seem to remember your skills. If you’re still using the standard treatment diary cards, you can also fill those out in the app.

Get To A Meeting

AA and NA meetings are an important part of recovery, but when you’re away from home it can be hard to find a local meeting. With the 12 Steps AA Companion 2, however, you have a directory of meetings on your phone. The app also includes AA tools like the primary text used in AA, prayers, and a sobriety calendar. Stay on track no matter where you are by using this app.

If this app isn’t enough, tack on the AA or NA speakers apps. With these, you can listen to hundreds of speakers from recovery conferences. This is perfect for those who normally enjoy podcasts or prefer audio over reading from the AA book.

Staying Fit

During recovery, many addicts begin an exercise regimen, which can help them handle stress and provide an alternative activity when drug or alcohol cravings strike. If you’re having a hard time committing to a routine, however, try adding a fitness app like Endomondo to your phone. Endomondo gives you access to numerous health management tools, helping you develop a workout plan, tracking your heart rate, and even allowing friends to record pep talks. It’s a great motivation tool and many find such tracking vital if they’re going to work out regularly.

You can’t recover from drug or alcohol addiction alone, and while friends and family will always be the core of your support system, it’s important not to overlook the role of technology. We’ve reached an era in which it’s possible to put the world in your pocket – carry the addiction support tools you need in yours.

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