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Thoughts that encircle a girls mind when she is getting engaged!

by kaburulu


All you beautiful damsels have got to agree on this that there are mingled feelings going through your mind while you are getting engaged. The butterflies sobha elan in your stomach, the anxiety and the overflowing emotions are simply out of the world. The most important time of your life when you are getting engaged and what next? Here are a few things you can surely correlate:

1. “I’m finally engaged, so-so-so I cannot stop smiling”

You just cannot believe that you are finally engaged. You cannot stop smiling and beaming with happiness. You see the ring and you simply want to shout out loud wow-it-is-beautiful. Don’t you? You are relaxed and calm because it is all so perfect and at the same time you are excited & filled with overflowing emotions.

2. After five hours!

Will it look creepy if I post this picture of my ring on Facebook or should I just upload it on Instagram? These are your thoughts and you start clicking pictures with your friends and family with the ring & post the pictures. You just cannot help exhibiting your engagement pictures that you simply post it without a second thought.

3. After twenty-four hours!

A new day has begun but your feelings haven’t yet changed. You are still filled with those excitement-bursting-emotions that you cannot stop smiling. It is crazy the way you feel isn’t it? You start thinking about your wedding and you feel goose-bumps right away. The mingled incandescence makes you act like a lunatic. *calm-down sunshine*

4. Oh! His family!

You start getting jittery! “What do I call his parents, should I start calling them as mom-dad? Do I have to touch their feet every time I meet them?” *Similar emotions* we know it all ladies. You have that awkward feeling seeping down your spine that you have two mothers and tow fathers basically your family members have just doubled. Oh that’s scary!

5. So many relatives?

You are shocked to see hundreds of relatives. “Touching everyone’s feet? I will get a back ache and I am starting to get the before-shocks from now. And why can’t they stop telling me when to set the wedding date. I need time to plan the perfect wedding.” You are simply irritated because of so many guests and you realize that he would be stalking you on Instagram and Facebook. *Shoot*Social-networking profile! *erase*

You start feeling that you will have to quickly erase all those pictures where you look like a retard and demented or those pictures with drinks in hand and with friends getting cozy! You start feeling that you must change your privacy settings and refurnish your friend list before he stalks you.

6. The rituals!

Now all the nuptials seem fancy for you and the fasting on Karva-chauth along with some more marriage related rituals are what you find as interesting! Don’t you? If may differ the situations from housing to housing.

8. Wedding?

You start to freak out when your wedding date is set and it comes closer. Pinterest, wedding blogs & Google; you start searching left right and center to plan your perfect wedding because that is your D-day which has to be the most happening wedding of all seasons, isn’t it? But you promise yourself to not freak out or over act in front of your parents!

9. Him!

Finally, you can stay out late, go on long-drives and you don’t have to hide anything with your family. After all you are getting married to him. The feeling of freedom and of being free, it is so good! *Can’t wait to get married now*


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