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Tips and Tricks to Getting More Work Accomplished From Your Mobile Phone

by kaburulu

Modern life requires that things get done on the go. You wake up, you eat breakfast on the go, you do your makeup in the car on the go, you tie your tie on the go, you answer your emails on the go, you tide to go on the go when you spill your to go coffee on your cream colored work attire…


There is very little time in life anymore to sit and do things from a state of being completely still. It’s a shame at times. Everybody needs to take the time to stop and smell the roses every once in awhile. It’s the little things in life that make you appreciative of the fact that you’re alive. Maybe you have so  much work to do that all you can do is do life on the go. Life is lived in forward motion, right?

If you’re grappling with this state of life and you’re still not getting everything done or finding enough time to stop and time a moment for yourself, here are some tips and tricks for getting more work accomplished from your handy dandy little mobile phone.

Make Your Calls During Dead Space

Dead space is the space that is not otherwise filled up with a specific task. This might include walking to the bus, riding the train into work, lunch break, waiting for your next meeting to start, bathroom breaks, and any other moment where you find yourself turning to social media for entertainment or to see what’s up with the world.

These little things like making your dentist appointment or scheduling an appointment with your financial manager are the things that take up time in life. When you pinpoint the time you’re not utilizing for anything but walking or thinking about what you had for breakfast, use the time instead to make necessary calls from your mobile phone and get the work checked off the list.

Be An App Whore

In the world of apps for your mobile gadgets, more is more. You can never get enough apps that aid in productivity and make things easier for you as a business person on the go. Whether you have an android, an iPhone, a tablet or any other piece of technology that allows you to get work done on the go, you can’t live without these apps that will get things done for you faster than you can get a latte at starbucks.

The person who manages their time and assets the best is the winner. Technology is either your friend or your enemy. Learn to manage it well and you’ll find that there is no better helper in the world than the little computer you carry around in your pocket at all times. When you use it well, it will change your life.

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