Tuesday , 11 August 2020
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Five Greatest Breakthroughs in Mobile Technology

 The mobile phone has been around for much longer than you would think – the first one turned up around 40 years ago, as of last March. They didn’t become a part of everyday life until around 2000, when they were developed for mass-market consumption. They’ve gone from being cumbersome, gargantuan devices that could only make phone calls, to being ... Read More »

Anti-Theft Lockwatch App for Android : Review


The privacy is the first and foremost thing. The Android smartphone contains data, information and many other content that could be very personal. Are you intrested to wish that others would read your SMS or beware of your photos?? To solve the stage does not have to do is set a lock screen that will stop any person who wants access to the terminal ... Read More »

Nero BackItUp : Best Backup App For Android

Nero BackitUp best android app

With the improvement in technology, people have become highly dependent on their smartphones for every little activity such as emailing, messaging, listening to music, photography, managing contacts, and more. People even store their critical information such as bank account number, online password, and other such information. You may lose your phone due to an accidental break, dropping it by mistake ... Read More »

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