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Top 5 Best Android Apps 2018

by kaburulu

top 5 android apps

With this advancement where the phones are just not used for calls and messages, but for all kinds of tasks that one can think of, the Android phones present a platform with such a utility via Google Play Store that offers one to deal and cater to all the needs of the day. This list of Top  5 Best Android Apps 2015 below is sure to affect one’s life in one way or the other.

  1. Yahoo News Digest App

We are often overwhelmed by the number of Newsfeed of the news app and the length at which they are presented. Yahoo News Digest App is a tiny little app that picks out 10 to 15 local news stories, wraps it round a perfect storyline featuring it along with big pictured and has set of links for additional sources of news, if one needs. These stories have a theme which is built around “atoms”. These atoms are basically the quotes, videos,  images, wiki, etc. The swipe and scroll feature is smooth, with special emphasis done on the readability. The stories also have an option for in-depth stories.

  1. Greenify

The lollipop has its own version of battery saving tools and even the phones offer the option of setting modes of power saving. This is to achieve the general notion of the task, that is, getting the most from the phone’s battery. And, Greenify is an app that is said to achieve it effectively.

Greenify runs in the background and sitting in the background tries to figure out how much of the battery is consumed by a certain app. When the apps are not used, it freezes the app and defrosts when one needs to gain access of the same. Also, owing to this property that root access is not required, it can be used on any Android phone.

  1. Opera Max

Does not everyone want a phone with an unlimited net pack? Who would like to make a hole in their wallet? But the thing that we can do is to use the net pack assigned in the most judicious manner.  The Opera Max can be used over here. This app reduces your data usage from one-third to half of your data usage by compressing the size of the images, videos and speeding up of website load times. This app also allows to seclude those apps to be only used over Wi-Fi and it temporarily shuts down the connection to save internet data.

  1. Snowball

This is a social networking app. We often incur a situation where we are troubled by the situation that we have to slide from the notification tray of one app to another. Using this app, one can avoid the juggling between the multiple social networks and maintain the information attained from all the apps at a single place.  This app has a simple user interface for streamlining one’s experience where the notifications are managed under a dropdown tray so that one may cycle between these different apps. The replies can be left over without even closing the app currently under use. 

  1. ES File Manager

This app is a file manager app for the androids in order to access the feature of file management. The app covers under it the general feature of cut, copy, paste, delete and move operations. Also, the favorite folders, media galleries, media player, archive creator and local storage locations can be accessed from the sidebar. Also, it also acts as a cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive.

These Top  5 Best Android Apps 2015 apps have surely created a thunder among its user and have proved to have specific importance of theirs in the blizzards of task on their mobile phones.

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