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Top Facebook Parental Control Apps for Android 2016

by kaburulu

Facebook is the undisputed king of social networking platforms with millions of daily active users, a large proportion of which is made up of youngsters. This platform, which claims to break the communication barriers by connecting people worldwide, has unfortunately become the new home for cyberbullies, stalkers, and online predators. It is either due to the carelessness, or the lack of security and privacy settings that kids easily fall prey to these online threats. This is why an extra emphasis is given to monitoring the Facebook activities of kids using third-party apps. These apps eliminate all types of dangers Facebook poses by creating a protective shield around kids and keeping parents in the loop. Let’s take a look at some of the top Facebook monitoring apps that guarantee satisfaction and peace of mind of parents.



SecureTeen knows how Facebook can become a dangerous weapon that can destroy the image of kids, expose them to cyberbullies, make them vulnerable to online predators, cause mental disorder, etc. This is why it makes sure parents stay updated with every single thing their kids do on this platform. SecureTeen sends Friends Alerts to let parents know who their kids become friends with on the popular social networking platform. It sends quick alerts the moment kids become friends with someone suspicious and potentially risky. Aside from that, the SecureTeen app scans photos uploaded by youngsters on their account and presents them to parents, which is extremely important as any inappropriate image, once uploaded on Facebook, can ruin the image of kids for good. This nifty app also keeps logs of Facebook chat and monitors Facebook Timeline. This makes it easy for you parents to detect and deal with potential risks on time. Aside from comprehensive Facebook monitoring, this parental control app offers numerous other monitoring, blocking and reporting features.


Qustodio is well aware of all concerns parents have over the privacy and security of kids on Facebook. This is why it has come up with a whole bunch of attractive features, providing them with 100 percent vision of everything kids do on their Facebook account. This nifty app displays the Timeline of kids, keeping parents updated with their posts, statuses, and pictures shared. It also reveals the details of chat conversation, including the name of friends kids talk with and length of the chat. However, it does not reveal the content of Facebook chat in order to protect the privacy of kids. Its user-friendly interface gives it an edge over other monitoring apps.

Net Nanny Social

The list of top Facebook parental control apps is incomplete without Net Nanny Social. It not only keeps an eye on the Facebook activities of your kids, but keeps an eye on their friends’ activities as well. Just like SecureTeen, it monitors Facebook Timeline, photos and videos, etc. What’s impressive is that it scans this and other social media platforms to identify inappropriate language, if any. Not only this, it also brings this into the notice of parents by sending them a notification. Its activity report gives nitty-gritty details, giving parents the peace of mind as far as the safety of their kids on Facebook is concerned.

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