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Top five Reasons That Make IIFL Markets the Best Stock Market App

by kaburulu
Best Stock Market App

Best Stock Market App

India Infoline, one of the foremost brokerage companies in India, has rolled out its new application called IIFL markets. The app has everything that perfectly substitutes its web version. It is a free app that is available on both android and apple platform.

But what is it that makes IIFL such a wonderful app?  Here are top five reasons

  1. Interface: India Infoline is known to have a great commitment to the user. Be it their customers or to just anyone else who tries their brand, India Infoline makes sure that they leave them with a terrific experience. Their app, for instance, has got a lot of headways that makes the app easy and convenient. The app is very user-friendly and people of any age can use it.
  2. One swipe trade: One swipe trade is one key thing that gives IIFL markets a clear lead over its peers. After watching a current price of the script, you, as a customer may want to buy it. Other comparable apps like Moneycontrol do not have such systems in place, and you still end up talking to the brokers who is very inefficient. This app takes that barrier away and paves the way to a flawless user stock trading experience. The app has one of the quickest and most well-designed interface, the fonts and designs do not hurt the eyes and are ideal for the investors of any age.
  3. Support: Although you are unlikely to need any customer support, it has a great user feedback to its credit. Going strictly by the user feedback, their interaction with support has been nothing short of perfect. Support at IIFL is known to be friendly and helpful. That’s another factor that makes this app one of the top choices.
  4. Analysis: A stock market app is incomplete without solid analysis. This is a segment where IIFL market outperforms others. Along with a solid analysis, it also has good a great deal of information, right from key ratios to reports and just everything else that you need for a stock buy. It also tells you about the buy and sell calls etc. all at one place.
  5. Transparency: It is very important factor to consider. There are some companies which some users allege moderate the discussions on the script and IIFL is one of those very rare stock market apps where you have a free flow of information, and the unfavorable comments are not censored. In fact, nothing is, unless it is hateful and inappropriate.

These five factors are not exhaustive; there are many other factors that really make this app the best stock market app around. The app has steadily improved with each successive update and a great list of delightful user experience to its name.

If this trend continues, then India Infoline will soon pip all of its peers and establish an unbeatable lead, pretty much like how WhatsApp has in communication and Facebook in social media.

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