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Top Movie and TV Streaming Apps for the Android Platform

by kaburulu

Top Movie and TV Streaming Apps for the Android Platform

Smart phones and tablets have revolutionized the technology world. Not only have they transformed the business industry and the social community, they have created a new market for the entertainment industry. Because of the realities of daily life, staying up to date on the latest news, sports scores, movies, and TV shows can be difficult. However, there are mobile apps that have transformed people’s ability to stay informed and relevant to both pop culture and breaking news.

Here are the top Android apps for entertainment enjoyment:

1. DirecTV

DirecTV offers users two mobile apps: the basic DirecTV app and the DirecTV Genie app.

The basic DirecTV app allows users the ability to stream live TV from any device both inside of the home and outside of the home. For DirecTV users who are constantly on the go or commute via the metro or subway, staying up to date on current events, sports, and favorite TV shows is as simple as a swipe of the finger. Plus, On Demand movies from HBO, Cinemax, Starz, and Encore are available to download.

The Genie app is for DirecTV customers who own the Genie DVR box. The app’s prime feature is a user’s ability to watch any DVR-ed shows from any location without the need for Wi-Fi. As long as they are in the DVR queue, they can be accessed from any device.

Check out http://www.direct2tv.com/ for more information on packaging and pricing.

2. Netflix

As one of the first streaming websites, Netflix has remained a top competitor in the entertainment industry. Although Netflix began as an alternative to video rental stores, it quickly revolutionized the entertainment industry by providing digital copies of movies and TV shows. While other sites have attempted to replicate Netflix’s popularity, it still remains one of the best. Users can watch TV shows, movies, and documentaries from smart phones, tablets, computers, and the big screen without commercials.


This app is a movie and TV show database that is compatible with Android tablets, Roku boxes, and gaming consoles. The app and sign-up process are free, and renting movies range from $0-$2. Users incur no late fees.

4. Watch ABC

This app is unique because it not only allows users the ability to catch up on current ABC shows, it also allows users to stream live TV shows, news, and sports games. However, users need to have an account with an existing cable or satellite company, such as Verizon FIOS, DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, or Hulu+, among others.

5. Crackle

This app is dedicated to the classics, which allows users the chance to watch all of their old-time favorites that are often difficult to find. In addition, similar to their counterparts of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, Crackle is trying out original shows that are only available on their network.

TV and movie aficionados can catch up on all of their favorite new and old classics from anywhere, anytime with these streaming apps.

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