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Top Technology For The College Freshman

by kaburulu


The years spent in college are some of the most adventurous and stressful years of our lives.  Lucky for current and future generations, technology has made a few of those everyday college stressors a bit easier to manage.

As college students amp up for the start of a new semester and a new year, it is the ideal time to begin equipping students for success.  Here is a quick overview of a few of the most useful technological gadgets available to assist college students this year.

Evernote Smart Notebook

The original Moleskine notebook has been upgraded.  This gadget allows students to put pen to paper, and later upload the information onto a digital medium.  The Evernote app is available for free on Android phones.

The app stores student notes with the organization and easily searchable, customizable “smart stickers” for ease of access.  Notes are also shareable between devices so that students can compare and contrast their findings.

Reliable Laptop/Accessories

The Lenovo ThinkPad 13 has been deemed the best overall laptop for college students.  Along with added accessories (like a cooling pad for the laptop’s underbelly), it is one of the most affordable options for the financially stretched college freshman.  The ThinkPad 13 has a fancy HD display screen, clean and concise keyboard setup, and up to nine hours of battery life.

The best aspect of the ThinkPad 13 is its durability.  This laptop is more than capable of trudging through the long hours of classes and study groups.  Slip the sleek, lightweight design into any backpack and begin the journey to success.

Otterbox Charging Case

The life of academic excellence can be extremely hectic.  Most students are no stranger to long nights and early mornings.  The on-the-go lifestyle of a freshman is sure to kill a cell phone battery.

Instead of relying upon long charger cords and wall sockets, get an Otterbox charging case for juicing up a cell phone throughout the day.  The Otterbox Resurgence case will extend a phone’s battery life to double the standard capacity.  It is also equipped with an automatic shut off on the charging mechanism to conserve power.

Solar Charging Backpack

The Samsonite Tectonic Backpack will keep all sorts of devices charged with a simple walk around campus.  Traveling from class to class will almost always require students to walk or bike outdoors.  The exercise is good for the body, and the sunshine is good for this backpack.

Bluetooth Coffee Maker & Travel Mug

In college, the “all-nighter” is inevitable.  Students are required to cram a whole lot of information into their minds, and that type of commitment takes time.  College students love coffee.  A Bluetooth coffee maker is just what the doctor ordered.  Also, make sure to grab a heated travel mug for transport.

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