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Uploading Music on SoundCloud: Step By Step Guide

by kaburulu
Uploading Music on SoundCloud Step By Step Guide

Uploading Music on SoundCloud Step By Step Guide

SoundCloud was originally from Stockholm, Sweden. It’s, therefore, an extremely famous in online audio distribution worldwide website. Currently, most people enjoy this critical platform, and it has millions of users around the globe.

In the website, as a user, you can upload, record, share and promote your original creation music and therefore perfect for various neophyte singers and artists. Even though, bear in your mind that it’s not simple for you to upload your songs to SoundCloud.

The website is not like other sites, because it permits the users to embed and also share the files they upload. However, it’s easy when you use a recorder for SoundCloud. Moreover, the website will only support common formats. So that you can overcome the challenges, follow the steps guide below:

Step 1: Preparing Your Audio File

The first step is for you to develop an audio file for uploading. However, you have to know that its not all the sound formats that you can upload and get accepted in Soundcloud website.

On the other hand, you must own the copyright of the song so that you can get the permission of publishing it. It’s not a challenge for a veteran, but if you are aspiring musician lacking essential equipment, it becomes a significant challenge to create your file.

Sometimes, you might see that it’s possible for you to use an inbuilt recording function although it will function for recording microphone voice.

When you want an efficient and easy sound recorder to use while uploading your Mp3 on SoundCloud, you can use Free MP3 Recorder for SoundCloud. It’s essential tool that you can use when recording any sound that plays in your PC.

When you finish recording, your file automatically saves itself in your destination directory. After you create your sound file successfully, you can upload it following step two in your SoundCloud.

Step 2: Upload Your Audio File to SoundCloud

You can first confirm that you have an active SoundCloud account. If it’s already approved, you can now log in and follow the following steps:

  1. a)    On your top right header, check for “Upload” button and click
  2. b)    Select the “Choose file to upload” because you have a readily prepared file. It’s also possible for you to drag and drop your audio file on the box.
  3. c)    You will have to wait for the audio file until it uploads, but you can start filling your basic information table.
  4. d)    You can fill the same thing for your “availability,” “permission,” and “Metadata” tabs.
  5. e)    After everything becomes set, you can click “save” button, and your audio file will be ready.

It’s, therefore, a simple step for you to upload an audio file to SoundCloud. Nevertheless, you have to be aware of the required file size and format accepted. SoundCloud only agrees with some audio formats such as WMA, AMR, AAC, MP3, MP2, OGG, ALAC, FLAC, WAVE and AIFF. Moreover, you can only upload a file less than 5GB and a length of 6 hours and 45 minutes.


You can find that there are various ways to use when uploading your MP3 to SoundCloud. Moreover, the process is also simple but when you have the correct audio recorder and converter. When you don’t have enough money that you can use but want a great tool to upload your audio file, consider using the free sound recorder to upload your file at SoundCloud.


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